Deploy parity and geth ethereum node via docker compose
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Ethereum nodes


In few commands: (thx to docker compose ;)

  • run both clients (parity & geth)
  • check accounts and status
  • make a transaction in python (transfert test eth between the nodes)

I use this setup for production

  • Data stays on host volumes: container nodes can be destroy without lossing the data --> easy version migration
  • Auto unlock wallets when container is starting (please use firewall to protect your prod nodes!)

More info: you can find an overview of that setup on my blog:

0. Prerequisit:

  • Ubuntu or other flavor
  • Docker
  • Docker-compose

Accounts info:

  • gethtest: 0x881bce7131857c9d24effdbe39ea974fd3c43e50
  • paritytest: 0x9e6c69b73f5808a25404edcf7eac7bf8ee935568
  • password: notsecure

1. Setup git

git clone eth && cd eth

2. Setup ethereum Nodes:

Setup local volumes for blockchains

docker volume create --name eth_gethtest
docker volume create --name eth_paritytest

Use already existing account and password (nice so you don't have to load ethtest)

cp -r gethtest/* /var/lib/docker/volumes/eth_gethtest/_data/
cp -r paritytest/* /var/lib/docker/volumes/eth_paritytest/_data/

OR if you want to use a fresh new wallet

docker run --rm -it -v eth_paritytest:/root/.parity ethcore/parity --testnet account new
ls /var/lib/docker/volumes/eth_paritytest/_data/testnet_keys/  <-- your test wallet is here

docker run --rm -it -v eth_gethtest:/root/.ethereum ethereum/client-go --testnet account new
ls /var/lib/docker/volumes/eth_gethtest/_data/testnet/keystore/  <-- your test wallet is here

OR in a running container

docker run -d --name geth0 -v eth_gethtest:/root/.ethereum ethereum/client-go --testnet docker exec -it geth0 bash -c "geth --testnet --password <(echo -n notsecure) account new" docker stop geth0 && docker rm geth0

And setup password:

echo -n 'notsecure' > /var/lib/docker/volumes/eth_paritytest/_data/testnet_keys/mypass     <-- unsure that there is no space or new line in file: don't use nano, it leave a new line!!

3. Run containers

docker-compose up -d

4. Checks


docker exec eth_paritytest_1 /build/parity/target/release/parity --testnet account list
docker exec eth_gethtest_1 geth --testnet account list

Use the python script to check data and to send eth between the two node

apt-get install -y python3-pip
pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install web3


To make queries on blockchain, your nodes need to be sync? Syncing? : No <-- you are sync Syncing? : {'highestBlock': 1743086,... <-- need to wait more...

Use faucet to get eth-test credit:

Or classic curl:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getBalance","params":["0x0037a6b811ffeb6e072da21179d11b1406371c63", "latest"],"id":1}'

5. Geth javascript console

You can attach to the geth console to run javascript command:

docker exec -it eth_gethtest_1 geth attach ipc:/root/.ethereum/testnet/geth.ipc

Or directly:

docker exec -it eth_gethtest_1 geth --exec '' attach ipc:/root/.ethereum/testnet/geth.ipc
docker exec -it eth_gethtest_1 geth --exec 'personal.listAccounts' attach ipc:/root/.ethereum/testnet/geth.ipc
docker exec -it eth_gethtest_1 geth --exec 'eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase)' attach ipc:/root/.ethereum/testnet/geth.ipc

6. Continuous delivery

You can fix the version of the nodes in:

nano docker-compose.yml 
image:ethcore/parity:latest   <-- here

Or when a new version of nodes are available in

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d  <-- Your containers are at the latest version !


docker run -ti ethcore/parity --help