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The goal of the Tinygames project is to create fun, simple, educational games that align with clear learning objectives.

The Tinygames codebase is a fork of the Akihabara project, an excellent Javascript game engine.

Aren't there enough educational games out there?

Yes, there are plenty of educational games out there, but Tinygames has several key goals that differentiate it as a project:

  • Simple enough for novice coders to get involved.
  • Open to coders and non-coders alike.
  • Based on HTML5 and Javascript, the ubiquitous platform of the future.

But educational games don't actually teach anything!

It depends on how they're presented. We're betting that, if there's a big enough ecosystem of fun educational games that are hackable and accessible, these games will be able to demonstrate real value -- especially if they are tightly aligned to clear learning objectives that are connected into a coherent story.

One of the most pressing needs for students, especially students who struggle academically, is the need for engaging remediation tools. Classroom-based remediation requires the aspiring student to struggle publicly, to admit their shortcomings to an authority figure, and to fail in a structure that heavily penalizes failure.

How many community colleges are unable to teach higher-order skills because they're too busy teaching remedial skills to students who never got them in the classroom the first time around? And what if remediation tools for education were free on the internet, highly interactive and engaging, and could give the student a real sense of progress on their own time? This is the Tinygames ideal. Join us.

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