The purpose of named goals? #13

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I can't see how the results table distinguishes between different goals, so whats the purpose of naming them? I understand having different weights, as some goals may be more desirable than others; but if there's no way to break down the data according to which named goal was achieved, what is the name variable for?

ddn commented Dec 23, 2012


Not totally dead here. I picked up and started using genetify again after a couple years of not needing it. I really, really like this package and I think it's worth doing some work on to revive, update, and complete.

Anyway, the named goals are stored in the database, but they're not tabulated and counted based on name. It would just require some more work on how the result data is viewed.

One modification I just made, but haven't tested fully, is to be able to set the goals as 'unique' so that they can only be triggered once for a pageview. For example, a form submit with email can only happen once, and probably just because of flukes or network/browser weirdness I was getting multiple 'rewards' for the same goal, skewing the goal reward distribution falsely. I added a unique argument, so that it can be triggered only once.

Lots of room for improvement here, I wish some more people would jump on board.


Makes sense. You could enforce uniqueness in the goal.record method or in the DB. It depends on your definition of "unique".

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