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ATTENTION: I no longer maintain genetify. The world has moved on and so have I. I still love the ideas behind genetify, so please feel free to contact me if you feel the same.

Welcome to the home of genetify

I created this software to enable webpage authors to accelerate their development cycles. It is like A/B testing but it goes beyond it. Some comparable commercially-provided services are Google Website Optimizer, optimost, maxymiser.

Read a great introduction by John Resig.

Discover how it works in the interactive demo.

You can use genetify without installing anything except a <script> tag. By default, everything is set up to use a free public service ( With this option, all you need to learn is usage.

Alternatively, you can set up a genetify service on your own machine. You might want to do this if you are using genetify for some high traffic pages, you need to guarantee availability, you need to keep your data confidential, or you want to help develop the genetify server-side code—the best reason! Follow the installation instructions to get started.

Questions? Try the FAQ. Otherwise, post to the mailing list.

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