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BrainBay release version 1.7, 30-08-2010
written by Chris Veigl under GPL, contact:
Please read the Copyright information (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE) in the file ReadMe_License.txt
The Application uses the Simple Direct Media Layer, further information see ReadMe_SDL.txt
The Application uses the Open Computer Vision Library, further information see ReadMe_OpenCV.txt
Jim Peters for his marvellous filter-works (
Jeremy Wilkerson for programming some BrainBay Objects and MinGW/WINE support
Jeff Molofee (NeHe) for this great OpenGl-tutorial (
Don Cross for a well working fft-routine (
AllenD for showing how to do a thread-oriented Com-Handler in Win32
Craig Peacock for the outstandig site and his PortTalk I/O-driver
Marcin Kocikowski for the Neurobit Optima-4 Device and support
Franz Strobl for the OCZ NIA support
Stephan Gerhard for the QDS parser
Find further documentation on the Project hompage