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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
include file for the fidlib Filter Library, witten by Jim Peters
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
typedef struct FidFilter FidFilter;
struct FidFilter {
short typ; // Type of filter element 'I' IIR, 'F' FIR, or 0 for end of list
short cbm; // Constant bitmap. Bits 0..14, if set, indicate that val[0..14]
// is a constant across changes in frequency for this filter type
// Bit 15, if set, indicates that val[15..inf] are constant.
int len; // Number of doubles stored in val[], or 0 for end of list
double val[1];
// Lets you write: for (; ff->typ; ff= FFNEXT(ff)) { ... }
#define FFNEXT(ff) ((FidFilter*)((ff)->val + (ff)->len))
// Size of a sub-filter with 'cnt' double values attached
#define FFSIZE(cnt) (sizeof(FidFilter) + ((cnt)-1)*sizeof(double))
// Size required for the memory chunk to contain the given number
// headers and values, plus termination
#define FFCSIZE(n_head,n_val) ((sizeof(FidFilter)-sizeof(double))*((n_head)+1) + sizeof(double)*(n_val))
// Allocate the chunk of memory to hold a list of FidFilters, with
// n_head FidFilters and n_val total double values in the whole list.
// Includes space for the final termination, and zeros the memory.
#define FFALLOC(n_head,n_val) (FidFilter*)Alloc(FFCSIZE(n_head, n_val))
// These are so you can use easier names to refer to running filters
typedef void FidRun;
typedef double (FidFunc)(void*, double);
// Prototypes
extern FidRun *fid_run_new(FidFilter *filt, FidFunc **funcpp) ;
extern void *fid_run_newbuf(FidRun *run) ;
extern void fid_run_freebuf(void *runbuf) ;
extern void fid_run_free(FidRun *run) ;
extern void fid_run_dump(FILE *out) ;
extern double fid_response(FidFilter *filt, double freq) ;
extern FidFilter *fid_design(char *spec, double rate, double freq0, double freq1,
int f_adj, char **descp) ;
extern void fid_list_filters(FILE *out) ;
extern FidFilter *fid_flatten(FidFilter *filt) ;
extern void fid_rewrite_spec(char *spec, double freq0, double freq1,
char **spec1p, char **spec2p, double *freq0p, double *freq1p) ;
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