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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
BrainBay - Version 1.7, GPL 2003-2010
Authors: Jeremy Wilkerson, Chris Veigl
This Object can open a Wav-Sound File and play it triggered by an input-port-value
another input-ports allows adjustment of the playing-speed.
currently, only one wav-player object can be opened at a time.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; See the
GNU General Public License for more details.
#include "brainBay.h"
#include "SDL_sound.h"
#define DEF_BUFSIZE 2048
class WAVOBJ : public BASE_CL
float inputOn, inputVolume, inputSpeed;
Sound_Sample *sample;
SDL_AudioSpec wav_spec;
Uint8 *wav_buffer;
Uint32 wav_length;
Uint32 audio_len;
Uint8 *audio_pos;
bool wav_loaded;
bool playing;
Uint32 timeLastPlayed;
int volume;
float lastInputOn;
int orig_speed;
float speed_center, speed_factor;
float old_input_speed, old_speed_center, old_speed_factor;
bool speed_adjusting;
Uint32 inputOnTime, inputVolumeTime, inputSpeedTime;
bool volume_change, speed_change;
char wavfilename [MAX_PATH];
int wav_length_ms;
int repeat_interval;
//int times_repeat;
//int repeats_left;
int on_change_only, mute;
float volume_input_from, volume_input_to;
int volume_from, volume_to;
unsigned int bufsize;
int range;
int reverse;
WAVOBJ(int num);
void make_dialog(void);
void load(HANDLE hFile);
void save(HANDLE hFile);
void update_inports(void);
void incoming_data(int port, float value);
void work(void);
void change_bufsize(unsigned int);
//tried making fill_audio a member function, but wouldn't compile
friend void fill_audio(void *udata, Uint8 *stream, int len);
friend LRESULT CALLBACK WavDlgHandler(HWND hDlg, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
void init(void);
//reset inputs to default values if they haven't been set for time of input_reset_delay
void checkResetInputs(Uint32 timeNow);
void play(void);
//returns length of audio buffer, or -1 if unsuccessful
int loadWavFile(char* filename);
void calcVolume(void);
void convertSpeed(float ratio, Uint8 *inputPos, Uint8 *outputPos, Uint32 *inputMaxLength, Uint32 *outputMaxLength);
//void setSpeed(void);
float calcSpeed(void);
int calcWavLength(void);