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Home Temperature Controller

This repository holds sources for a simple Home Temperature Controller I put together.


The arduino module contains source code and libraries that run controller of temperature for Arduion board.

The module is setup to send frequent updates of temperature reading via USB Serial port and receive a desired temperature setup via the same port.

"Image the entire Circuit"

Look at the code and see more images in the Arduino folder.

Temperature sensor reading and REST Server

The temperature-sensor-and-rest contains REST Server. It's responsibility is to:

  • receive room temperature updates from Arduino board via USB Serial Port
  • send desired temperature to Arduino board via USB Serial Port
  • Store current and historical temperature reading in the simple File based DB
  • Send temperature updates to Ardino according to prepared schedule

More details in the Module Readme.

Controller web application designed for smartphones and tablets

The ui/mobile-web-ui contains code for a very simple User Interface, designed with Smartphones in mind. It's a set of static HTML files communicating with REST API, presenting current temperature reading and providing way of changing the desired setup.

You can also setup a schedule of temperature sets for the week, that can be activated from UI.

More detailed description in the UI folder.

"Image of Schedule" "Image of Home Screen"


All welcome.


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