Puggle, a simplified browser ui for kids!
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Puggle - A Safe, Simple Browser


  • walled garden - white list of allowed sites
  • no tabs. Single history
  • no location or search bar!


Big Picture

  • Training wheels for the internet?
  • Names: Spark? Puggle? Panda?
  • a browser that grows with you.


  • adblocking
  • single page mode. (can't go forward or back) (after surfing to page, stop all movement)
  • parent override / admin ui
  • pick a bookmark folder as the site control mechanism
  • buttons: back and home
  • timeout mode?
  • different kid profiles? (bookmark sets, timeouts, url limits, ui setups, location bar?)
  • sanitizing sites (de-commenting youtube, de-advertising (adblock))
  • distributed content list?
  • bookmark / link from it to central registry?
  • how easy it is to set it in to kids mode on startup? Is that the default?
  • more items on the start page?
  • auditing / history logging of admin overrides? sites? usage stats?

User Modes

  • surfing with your kid
  • allowing them safe surfing by themselves
  • easier session restore.
  • schoolwork: google docs & wikipedia

Research Areas

  • what do kids want to do on the internet?
  • child mode in other browsers? (Amazon Fire?)
  • phone home?
  • telekin and other population targeted computing initiatives

Bugs and contacts

bugs: https://github.com/gregglind/puggle/issues

contacts: irc.mozilla.org#ur or gregg.lind AT mozilla.com


Good contributions come from anywhere! Including from you! We explicilty welcome and want to encourage contribution from people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and lifestyles[1]. We need parents, writers, coders, testers, thinkers, and artists.

With this project in particular, we want to hear from people who want good experiences for kids on the internet, including parents, librarians, privacy advocates, and organizers.

[1] Incliding citizenship, native language, race, gender, sexuality, physical ability, age, neurochemistry.

Credit List / Contributors

Mary Trombley Gregg Lind Alex Limi Asa Dotzler Zhenshuo Fang Madhava Enros Ian Bicking Jessamyn West Elizabeth Tobias

(holler if I missed you!)