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  • 2.8.2

    • Use spec compatible texSubImage3D parameters
  • 2.8.1

    • Fill out TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY with first image

      This is so there is something to render in all slices

  • 2.8

    • Add support for TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY

      You can pass a list of images to twgl.createTexture and it will load each image into a slice of a TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY if the target is TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY

  • 2.7

    • mangle some property names

      saves about 4k

    • add minMag property to TextureOptions


    • Change texture filtering to use internalFormat

      In WebGL1 we checked power of 2 in width and height. In WebGL2 we check if the internal format supports filtering. This might break things going from WebGL1 to WebGL2 if you expected a non-power-of-2 texture to use gl.LINEAR.

      Note: One issue is TWGL can't tell if you've enabled OES_texture_float_linear so you use float textures it can't tell if it can generate mips or not and you'll have to be explicit with texture settings. Currently it assumes you can generate mips. Pass in auto: false to createTexture(s) if you didn't enable OES_texture_float_linear or similarly for half float formats.

    • Support samplers

    • Support webgl2 texture formats

  • 2.6.2

    • remove "experimental-webgl2" which never existed
  • 2.6.1

    • allow offset=0 in setAttributeInfoBufferFromArray
  • 2.6

    • make createBuffersFromArrays add a numElements and elementType properties.
  • 2.5

    • switch to webpack + babel
  • 2.4

    • Support int attributes
  • 2.3

    • Make all createProgramXXX functions take a ProgramOptions argument
  • 2.1

    • Made guessing numComponents for attributes case insensitive as well ask looking for "text" and "colour"
  • 2.0

    • Changed m4.multiply to match most other math libraries.

      m4.multiply(a, b) was multiplying b on the left. Now it's doing the more standard thing of multiplying b on the right.

      For example this means these 2 statements are equivalent

      m4.multiply(someMatrix, m4.translation([1, 2, 3]));
      m4.translate(someMatrix, [1, 2, 3]);

      In 1.x the first statement would have been

      m4.multiply(m4.translation([1, 2, 3]), someMatrix);
    • Changed twgl.drawBufferInfo so second argument is BufferInfo

      In other words in 1.x it was

      twgl.drawBufferInfo(gl, primitiveType, bufferInfo)

      Now in 2.x it's

       twgl.drawBufferInfo(gl, bufferInfo, primitiveType)

      This lets primitiveType be optional with the default being gl.TRIANGLES.

  • 1.9

    • support mat2, mat3, and mat4 attributes

    • allow buffer offsets for UniformBlockInfos

  • 1.8

    • framebuffers have better texture defaults

      before 1.8 textures created for framebuffers used the texture defaults which meant power of 2 dimensions got mips. As of 1.8 twgl only creates mip level 0 by default for framebuffer textures.

  • 1.7

    • Add support for 3d textures (WebGL2)
  • 1.6

    • Made createProgramInfo and createProgramXXX multi-signature

      twgl.createProgramInfo(gl, [vs, fs], opt_errFunc);
      twgl.createProgramInfo(gl, [vs, fs], opt_attribs, opt_errFunc);
      twgl.createProgramInfo(gl, [vs, fs], opt_attribs, opt_locations, opt_errFunc);
  • 1.5

    • separated twgl src into more modules
  • 1.4

    • add Vertex Array Object support