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Serial data framing protocol
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A framing protocol optimized for embedded communication. Optimized for simple and efficient encoding and decoding (single pass for each operation), and contains a 16bit CRC.

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Repository Layout

Each directory contains source code for parsing the protocol in a specific language and or implementation.


The protocol is a simplified version of RFC 1662.

Each frame begins and ends with byte 0x7D, with the data immediately following the start byte. Following the data is a two byte CRC (xmodem). The CRC is of the unescaped data. All of the data and CRC are escaped.

The escape byte is 0x7E. Whenever 0x7E or 0x7D occur in the message that byte is prefixed by the escape byte. That byte is then x-or'd with 0x20. As an example, 0x7E in a message would become 0x7E5E.

A depiction of a frame:

| Start Byte | Escaped Data | Escaped CRC16 | End Byte |
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