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Racket support for Amazon Web Services.
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sns: Use sigv4. Closes #40

Also some general cleanup and formatting (I originally wrote this Racket
code a few years ago).


Provides Racket support for many Amazon Web Services:



  • The access keys for an Amazon Web Services account. (If you want to experiment but are concerned about cost, keep in mind that AWS has a "free tier" for certain usage.)

  • My http library. Install: raco pkg install http. Source.

  • My sha library. Install: raco pkg install sha. Source

Unit tests

To simply use the library you don't need to run the unit tests. But if you want to run them:

  • The tests require you to specify certain personal information in a dot file. See example-dot-aws-tests-data for more information.

  • The rackunit tests use the submodule feature added in Racket 5.3. Tests are inside (module+ test ...) forms.

    • You can run the tests for one foo.rkt file with raco test foo.rkt.

    • You can run tests for all files using raco test -x ./. (The -x flag is important to avoid evaluating rkt files that have no test module whatsoever.)

  • Be aware that the tests are extensive and will do significant data transfer with Amazon AWS. Although this shouldn't cost a lot of money, it will take some time for them to complete.

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