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Provides Racket support for many Amazon Web Services:


Documentation is written using Racket's Scribble. The raw source is in manual.scrbl.

The HTML output that you'd actually want to read can be found on PLaneT.

You can also generate it using ./, then point your browser to file:///tmp/aws-doc/manual.html.


  • The access keys for an Amazon Web Services account. (If you want to experiment but are concerned about cost, keep in mind that AWS has a "free tier" for certain usage.)

  • My http library. Available on Github or PLaneT.

  • My sha library available on Github or PLaneT.

You don't have to install http or sha mannually if you install aws as a PLaneT package. Racket's (require (planet gh/aws)) will automatically install them as dependenies.

Unit tests

To simply use the library you don't need to run the unit tests. But if you want to run them:

  • The tests require you to specify certain personal information in a dot file. See example-dot-aws-tests-data for more information.

  • The rackunit tests use the submodule feature added in Racket 5.3. Tests are inside (module+ test ...) forms.

    • You can run the tests for one foo.rkt file with raco test foo.rkt.

    • You can run tests for all files using raco test -x ./. (The -x flag is important to avoid evaluating rkt files that have no test module whatsoever.)

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