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#lang racket
(require net/base64
(planet gh/http/request)
(planet gh/http/head)
(define/contract/provide (send-email
#:from from
#:to to
#:subject subject
#:body body
#:cc [cc '()]
#:bcc [bcc '()]
#:reply-to [reply-to '()]
#:return-path [return-path from]
#:html? [html? #f]
#:charset [charset "UTF-8"])
(( ;; required
#:from string?
#:to (listof string?)
#:subject string?
#:body string?
( ;; optional
#:cc (listof string?)
#:bcc (listof string?)
#:reply-to (listof string?)
#:return-path string?
#:html? boolean?
#:charset string?
) . ->* . void)
`((Action "SendEmail")
(Source ,from)
(ReturnPath ,return-path)
(Message.Subject.Data ,subject)
(,(if html? 'Message.Body.Html.Data 'Message.Body.Text.Data) ,body)
(,(if html? 'Message.Body.Html.Charset 'Message.Body.Text.Charset) ,charset)
,@(addresses->heads "Destination.ToAddresses.member" to)
,@(addresses->heads "Destination.CcAddresses.member" cc)
,@(addresses->heads "Destination.BccAddresses.member" bcc)
,@(addresses->heads "ReplyToAddresses.member" reply-to)))
(define/contract (addresses->heads prefix xs)
(string? (listof string?) . -> . (listof (list/c symbol? string?)))
(for/list ([x (in-list xs)]
[n (in-naturals 1)])
(list (string->symbol (format "~a.~a" prefix n)) x)))
(define/contract/provide (send-raw-email mail-from rcpt-to raw-message)
(string? (listof string?) string? . -> . xexpr?)
(log-debug raw-message)
(define source ;use Return-Path if present else MAIL FROM
(match raw-message
[(regexp #rx"(?i:Return-Path:)[ ]*([^\r\n]+)" (list _ x)) x]
[else mail-from]))
`((Action "SendRawEmail")
(Source ,source)
,@(addresses->heads "Destinations.member" rcpt-to)
(RawMessage.Data ,(base64-encode/string raw-message)))))
(define (base64-encode/string s)
(bytes->string/utf-8 (base64-encode (string->bytes/utf-8 s))))
(define/contract/provide (verify-email-address s)
(string? . -> . void)
(request `((Action "VerifyEmailAddress")
(EmailAddress ,s)))
(define/contract/provide (delete-verified-email-address s)
(string? . -> . void)
(request `((Action "DeleteVerifiedEmailAddress")
(EmailAddress ,s)))
(define/contract/provide (list-verified-email-addresses)
(-> (listof string?))
(define r (request `((Action "ListVerifiedEmailAddresses"))))
(for/list ([x (in-list (tags r 'member))])
(last x)))
(struct send-quota (sent-last-24-hours max-24-hour-send max-send-rate)
(provide (struct-out send-quota))
(define/contract/provide (get-send-quota)
(-> send-quota?)
(define r (request `((Action "GetSendQuota"))))
(send-quota (num r 'SentLast24Hours)
(num r 'Max24HourSend)
(num r 'MaxSendRate)))
(struct send-statistic (time delivery-attempts rejects bounces complaints)
(provide (struct-out send-statistic))
(define/contract/provide (get-send-statistics)
(-> (listof send-statistic?))
(define r (request `((Action "GetSendStatistics"))))
(for/list ([x (in-list (tags r 'member))])
(send-statistic (str x 'Timestamp)
(num x 'DeliveryAttempts)
(num x 'Rejects)
(num x 'Bounces)
(num x 'Complaints))))
(define (num x t)
(string->number (str x t)))
(define (str x t)
(last (first (tags x t))))
(define ses-endpoint (make-parameter
(endpoint "" #t)))
(provide ses-endpoint)
;; The low-level function used by other functions to make requests to
;; SES.
(define/contract/provide (request params)
((listof (list/c symbol? string?)) . -> . xexpr?)
(define date-str (seconds->gmt-string))
(define data (string->bytes/utf-8 (dict->form-urlencoded params)))
(define heads
(make-auth-header date-str)
'Date date-str
'Content-Type "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8"))
"1.1" "POST" (endpoint->uri (ses-endpoint) "/") data #f heads
(lambda (in h)
(define e (read-entity/xexpr in h))
(match (extract-http-code h)
[200 e]
(define exn
(header&response->exn:fail:aws h e (current-continuation-marks)))
(match exn
[(exn:fail:aws _ _ 400 _ "Throttling" "Maximum sending rate exceeded.")
(define secs (add1 (* (random) 15))) ;1-16 seconds
(log-warning (format "~a. Will retry in ~a seconds." exn secs))
(sleep secs)
(request params)]
[else (raise exn)])]))))
(define/contract (make-auth-header date-str)
(string? . -> . dict?)
;; X-Amzn-Authorization: AWS3-HTTPS AWSAccessKeyId=<AccessKeyID>,\
;; Algorithm=HmacSHA256,Signature=<Signature>
(hash 'X-Amzn-Authorization
(string-append "AWS3-HTTPS AWSAccessKeyId="
(sha256-encode date-str))))
;; test
(module+ test
(require "run-suite.rkt")
(define-syntax-rule (400-error? code message expr)
(lambda (exn)
(match exn
[(exn:fail:aws _ _ 400 "Bad Request" code msg) #t]
[else #f]))])
;; We expect expr to raise an exception. Return #f if it doesn't
(begin expr #f))))
(check-true (list? (list-verified-email-addresses)))
(check-true (send-quota? (get-send-quota)))
(check-true (list? (get-send-statistics)))
(send-email #:from (test/verified-sender)
#:to (list (test/recipient))
#:subject "test good address"
#:body "test good address"))
"400 errors"
(400-error? "InvalidParameterValue"
"Domain ends with dot"
(send-email #:from (test/verified-sender)
#:to (list (string-append (test/recipient) "."))
#:subject "test bad address"
#:body "test bad address")))
(400-error? "MessageRejected"
"Email address is not verified."
(send-email #:from (test/unverified-sender)
#:to (list (test/recipient))
#:subject "test unverified sender"
#:body "test unverified sender"))
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