Frog is a static web site generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments.
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dedbox and greghendershott Scribble sources: Point user-scope xrefs to local-redirect. Closes #229
By default, scribble resolves cross-refereces into packages installed locally,
in user-scope, to local filesystem paths. This is not so useful for rendering
a blog. Instead, all links should point into the official Racket docs server.

This patches the default behavior to make all cross-references into non-main
packages point to ``.

The trailing forward slash is important, otherwise the browser stays on a
generic "Redirections" page indicating the redirect failed.

See section 12.3 for an
overview of the local-redirect mechanism.
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Happy Green frog

Frog image by @Goug8888, used under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

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Frog is a static web site generator written in Racket.

You write content in Markdown or Scribble. You generate files. To deploy, you push them to a GitHub Pages repo (or copy them to Amazon S3, or whatever).

Posts get a variety of automatic blog features.

You can also create non-post pages.

Pygments handles syntax highlighting for code blocks.

The generated site uses Bootstrap, which is responsive, automatically adapting to various screen sizes.

Full documentation.