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This is a TOML parser. It supports TOML 0.2.0, including arrays-of-tables. As of 2014-06-29 it passed all 64 tests in toml-test.

The format came to my attention after I read that Mozilla Rust's package manager is using this format. Since there wasn't currently a Racket parser for TOML, I thought I'd create one.

My motivation was only to get more experience using Parsack -- a Parsec-like monadic parser combinator library implementation in Racket -- after having used it in a markdown parser.

  • I did not make this available on the Racket package manager.

  • I do not have plans to update this to support TOML versions newer than 0.2.0.

  • I updated this 2019-08-19 to make it work with a breaking change in Parsack that happened many years ago. Beyond that, I do not plan to fix bugs or keep it up to date. In fact I might "archive" this repo on GitHub.

If you would like to fork this (or throw it away and start from scratch) you are welcome to do so!


(require toml)
(parse-toml s) ;; where `s` is a `string?`


  • Pass all toml-test tests for TOML 0.2.0.

  • Provide useful error messages with positions (line:col:ofs). Do so for both syntax errors and semantic errors (such as table conflicts).

  • Return a Racket hasheq that satisfies the json library's jsexpr? predicate, so that you can run it through jsexpr->string to produce a JSON string.

    Caveat: Any TOML datetime values are date structs, which won't satisfy jsexpr?. Originally I parsed these to a current-seconds-style integer value. But toml-tests needs things to be tagged with types, so that's why I had to switch. I should probably provide a conversion function to turn any such instances back into a datetime string so that it can be passed to jsexpr->string.


A TOML parser implementation in Racket.







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