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wffi: An FFI for web services

This uses Markdown files of the format described by the webapi-markdown project.


raco pkg install wffi

You may be prompted to install a couple other packages.


To create Racket client wrapper functions for all the web API functions defined in the .md file:

(require wffi/client)
(wffi-define-all "path/to/file.md" values values)
(provide (all-defined-out))

If the web service has a parameter common to all of its functions -- for example an api_key query parameter, or an authorization request header -- you can define a function to add that, and supply the function as the before argument to wffi-define-all. For example:

(require wffi/client)
(define (add-common-parameters d)
  (dict-set* d 'api_key "MY-API-KEY"))
(wffi-define-all "path/to/file.md" add-common-parameters values)
(provide (all-defined-out))

If the service responds with JSON, you can supply check-response/json (a helper function provided by wffi/client) as the after argument to wffi-define-all. The previous example with that change:

(require wffi/client)
(define (add-common-parameters d)
  (dict-set* d 'api_key "MY-API-KEY"))
(wffi-define-all "path/to/file.md" add-common-parameters check-response/json)
(provide (all-defined-out))

Of course, if the web service responds with XML or some other format, you can write your own after function. See the definition of check-response/json in wffi/client.rkt to see how.

Framework for a server

See server.rkt for a bare-bones web service framework.