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Teardown (the data wall)

Teardown is designed to take apart tables in PDFs or images that can not
be properly OCRed without the OCR software knowing where to look. It is
meant to act as an itermediary between raw data-sets and a Database or CSV.

Capture Engine:

 		The capture engine's job is to locate where the data is in relation 
 	to the page/image. By defining features (fiducials), the capture engine 
 	can reposition and rotate the page to make it easier for the scanning 
 	engine to process data to text.
Scanning Engine:

		The scanning engine OCRs the text that has been located by the 
	capture engine. This is basic OCR, nothing special here.
Job Engine:

		This engine farms out the work to be done by the scanning engine 
	either locally on one or multiple threads, or farms it out to a compute
	cluster or the cloud.

Planned Support for:

	- Capture Engines:
		- OpenCV 2.2
	- Scanning Engines:
		- OpenCV 2.2 (Haar Classifier)
		- Terrasect
	- Job Engines:
		- Local (single and multi-threaded)
		- Amazon S3/AWS Farming
		- AQMP/XMPP Job Controller