WIP: Object-based firewall/repeater/proxy for ZMQ messages.
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zmqfirewall - ZeroMQ Firewall

A simple, extensible object-based firewall for applications that use ZeroMQ.

Interface Note

class TestInterface(Interface):
    name = "publisher"
    connection_uri = "pub-tcp://"
    filter = None # No filters

class TestSubInt(Interface):
    name = "subcriber"
    connection_uri = "sub-tcp://localhost:7001"
    filter = AcceptMessageFilter(out_interface='publisher')


All of these are proposals. Some are coded in already, but they need tweaking

Creating an Action Handler

Defining a custom action handler is simple to do esspecially if you need to mangle messages. Each Action class has a callable function named action that accepts a message and returns the same message after alterations have been made. An Action that does not return anything 'drops' the message.

Action that appends 'Hello' to every message processed

from zmqfirewall.actions import Action

class HelloAction(Action):
    def action(self, message):
        message.body = "Hello %s" % message
        return message

Action that drops messages that don't have the word 'important' in them

from zmqfirewall.actions import Action

class ImportantOnlyAction(Action):
    def action(self, message):
        if 'important' in str(message).lower().split(' '):
            return message

Action that redirects any message that comes in to the topic 'hijacked'

from zmqfirewall.actions import Action

class HijackMessageAction(Action):
    def action(self, message):
        message.topic = 'hijacked'
        return message

Log splitting example

from zmqfirewall.actions import Action, DropMessageAction

class InfoLogMessageAction(Action):
    def action(self, message):
        # Move message to the 'log.informational' queue
        message.topic = "log.informational"
        return message

class ImportantLogMessageAction(Action):
    def action(self, message):
        # Move message to the 'log.important' queue
        message.topic = "log.important" 
        return message

class LoggingRedirectAction(Action):
    def action(self, message):
        tag = str(message).lower().split(' ')[0]

        if tag in ['error', 'critical', 'fatal']:
            return ImportantLogMessageAction
        elif tag in ['info', 'debug']:
            return InfoLogMessageAction
            # Drop the message
            return DropMessageAction

Creating Rules

Basic Message Acceptance Rule

from zmqfirewall.rules import Rule

# This is a really stupid example, btw
class AcceptAllMessagesRule(Rule):
    filter_chain = []

Only pass messages from the 'log.important' topic

from zmqfirewall.actions import FilterTopicAction
from zmqfirewall.rules import Rule

class AcceptImportantMessagesRule(Rule):
    filter_chain = [

Mangle all messages from the topic 'log' and prepend date/time

from zmqfirewall.actions import Action
from zmqfirewall.rules import Rule
from datetime import datetime

class PrependDatetimeRule(Rule):
    filter_chain = [
        FilterTopicAction(['log'], on_failure='accept'),
            action = lambda m: m.set_body('[%s] %s' % (datetime.now(), m))