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* This is free software, written by Richard B. Johnson. It is
* presumed to be correct but it is not warranted to do anything
* useful. Therefore, one must use this at their own peril since
* it is possible for any kernel code to corrupt a machine and
* destroy valuable property existing on storage media.
* This software is Copyright(c) 2003, by Richard B. Johnson
* Everybody is granted a non-exclusive license to use this
* software for any purpose. However, you are required to retain
* the author's name within this source-code.
#ifndef _ADC_BOARD_H_
#define _ADC_BOARD_H_
#define DEV_MAJOR 177
#define CLOCK 10000000 /* 1 MHz clock on the board */
#define FILT_COEF 0x20 /* Default value For IIR filter */
* This template is the order and kind of data returned from the
* ioctl() function, ADC_READ_MULTI. You get all the channels,
* all at once.
struct adc_multi {
int chan00;
int chan01;
int chan02;
int chan03;
int chan04;
int chan05;
int chan06;
int chan07;
int chan08;
int chan09;
int chan0a;
int chan0b;
int chan0c;
int chan0d;
int chan0e;
int chan0f;
* This is a template for the data that is passed to the ioctl()
* function, ADC_POINT_LIST.
* The filter coefficient must be 1 or greater.
* The input parameter is the logical OR of the bits shown in
* the documentation to configure the input channel. Bits
* MA0 through MA3 are ignored. The channels are configured
* in order, zero through fifteen.
typedef struct {
int input; /* Input setup from offset 2 ADC/Control */
int filter; /* Filter coefficient for this channel */
struct adc_list {
ADC_LIST list[0x10]; /* Sixteen of these, one for each channel */
* These are the supported functions, used as the second parameter of
* an ioctl() call.
#define ADC_SINGLE_CHAN 0x00 /* Acquire data from chan set in 0x05 */
#define ADC_MULTI_CHAN 0x01 /* Acquire filtered data from all */
#define ADC_READ_MULTI 0x02 /* Read all filtered data */
#define ADC_SET_FILTER 0x03 /* Set filter coefficient */
#define ADC_SET_TIMER 0x04 /* Set timer rate microseconds */
#define ADC_SET_CHAN 0x05 /* Set for single channel operation */
#define ADC_DIAGS 0x06 /* Hook to see what's going on */
#define ADC_POINT_LIST 0x07 /* Warning! Read the manual! */
#define ADC_GET_INTRS 0x08 /* Return interrupt count */
* These set the input range and configuration.
#define ADC_BIP_10 0x09 /* Biploar -10V to + 10V */
#define ADC_BIP_05 0x0a /* Bipolar -5V to +5V */
#define ADC_BIP_2d5 0x0b /* Bipolar -2.5V to + 2.5V */
#define ADC_BIP_1d25 0x0c /* Bipolar -1.25 to + 1.25V */
#define ADC_UNI_10 0x0d /* Unipolar 0 to 10V */
#define ADC_UNI_05 0x0e /* Unipolar 0 to 5V */
#define ADC_UNI_1d25 0x0f /* Unipolar 1.25 to 3.75 V */
#define ADC_UNI_6d25 0x10 /* Unipolar 1.25 to 6.25 V */
* These bits are defined in the instruction manual for offset 2
* write. These are used in the ADC_POINT_LIST ioctl() function.
#define ADC_R0 0x01
#define ADC_R1 0x02
#define ADC_R2 0x04
#define ADC_DIFF 0x08