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Summary of changes from v002 to v003
Greg Kroah-Hartman (4):
added script
bump version number
change --clean be the default and add --bash to duplicate old method
removed unneeded script
Summary of changes from v001 to v002
Greg Kroah-Hartman (9):
increment version number
add .gz and .bz2 to .gitignore
remove ability to make .bz2 from Makefile
add --clean option to bti.c
add --version to bti.c
update the man page to reflect the new options
renamed HOWTO to README and added real information there
added bti.example as an example ~/.bti file
lots of manpage updates trying to document how to use bti better
Summary of changes from v000 to v001
Greg Kroah-Hartman (8):
add .gitignore
initial commit of bti, everything's working now
add the '$ ' to the beginning of the line.
added HOWTO
meta files added (COPYING, ChangeLog, RELEASE_NOTES)
added fork functionality to get rid of annoying command line mess
added PWD to twit
more messing with directory format
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