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Patches are gladly accepted for bti code, please send them to, or you can use github to send a pull request.
The code tree for bti is located at:
and can be cloned using git from:
If you have never used git before, there are some useful tutorials on
the web site to help you through the learning process.
I am trying to follow the Linux kernel coding style with the code
wherever possible. This style is documented in the Linux kernel source
tree in the file Documentation/CodingStyle. Included in the bti code
tree is a script called that can automatically check if
your changes are compliant with the guidelines.
To test this, using git, generate a patch:
git diff > my_patch
Then run against this patch:
./scripts/ --no-tree my_patch
Please run your modifications through valgrind if possible. It is safe
to ignore the valgrind errors in the curl and ssl libraries, we can't do
anything about those at this time.