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amir commented Nov 7, 2010

No description provided.

Flameeyes and others added some commits Aug 27, 2010

@Flameeyes Flameeyes build system: use consistently pkg-config to check for dependencies
Rather than rely on the old m4 macros for libxml2 and libcurl, which were
also misused, always use PKG_CHECK_MODULES (also assuming a new enough
version that calls AC_SUBST by itself), and fix the Makefile.am to use
_CFLAGS properly as well.

Signed-off-by: Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò <flameeyes@gmail.com>
@Flameeyes Flameeyes build system: use AC_SEARCH_LIBS rather than assuming -ldl is needed.
On a number of operating systems, such as the *BSD, the dlopen() function
is present in the standard C library, not in a separate libdl library.
@Flameeyes Flameeyes Remove autoscan-generated bad tests. 8460eb8
@Flameeyes Flameeyes Optimise help/version output.
Rather than using multiple fprintf() calls use a single printf() call with
a long string instead.

Also, don't use the %s-format to output VERSION which is a defined literal,
create a compound instead (like it was done already for help).
@Flameeyes Flameeyes Use arrays rather than pointers for static strings.
While this change does not do anything on most common systems, as
executables are not PIC, it is very useful when dealing with Position
Independent Executables (PIE) as used for instance by Gentoo Hardened.
@Flameeyes Flameeyes If building with NDEBUG enabled, skip over the end-of-main cleanup. 16a89b0
@Flameeyes Flameeyes Remove dbg() macro when building with NDEBUG. b927de3
@Flameeyes Flameeyes Split --background from --bash, and make the latter imply the former.
This allows to use send-in-background without mangling the message's text.
@Flameeyes Flameeyes Typo fix. 3a7b290
@Flameeyes Flameeyes Collapse more fprintf() calls. bc8a837
@amir amir Merge remote branch 'gregkh/master'
@amir amir Update my copyright date. 84f1c80
@amir amir Fixing Identi.ca's OAuth request_token URI
Revision "a" of OAuth 1.0 mandates the presence of "oauth_callback"

Usually libraries appends an "oob" (Out of Band) oauth_callback if you
don't provide a valid callback url, and don't specify that you don't
want "OAuth 1.0a".

But apparently our library of choice for OAuth (liboauth) does not do
this, though the code is in library but commented out.

src/oauth.c:675-680 (as in HEAD, and 0.9.0 tarball):

675 #if 0 // oauth_version 1.0 Rev A
676   if (!oauth_param_exists(argv,argc,"oauth_callback")) {
677     snprintf(oarg, 1024, "oauth_callback=oob");
678     oauth_add_param_to_array(argcp, argvp, oarg);
679   }
680 #endif

So for now, we have to add this to our request_token URI.

amir commented Nov 7, 2010

Uh, I thought all Diego's changes got merged before v028.

amir/bti@0274a9f is the only relevant one.


gregkh commented Dec 17, 2010

Now done.

This issue was closed.

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