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# Copyright 2012 Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
# Copyright 2012 Linux Foundation
# Released under the GPLv2 only.
# Initialize the linux repo with the remote git trees that I need in order to
# get things done. This consists of the development trees in the work/
# directory, my local gregkh/ directory and patch queue, and the stable trees.
# The work directory is the most complex, it consists of one "root" repo,
# called "torvalds" that is based on Linus's upstream kernel tree. I then
# create multiple trees based on that, each in a separate subdirectory, based
# on the "topic". In each of those trees, I have a 'next' and 'linus' branch
# that is used to send stuff to linux-next and Linus's tree, respectively.
# I also do the "work" on branches that are based on these 'next' and 'linus'
# branches, that is what the 'send the email' scripts expect patches to be
# applied to, so they know how to push and notify people when stuff is added.
# The main gregkh/ directory is what I do local work on for things not ready to
# be merged upstream. It's also tied to a quilt tree, to save patches in a
# safe place for storage and passing to other machines.
# Yeah, it's a bit complex, but it works for me.
# go into the work directory and set up everything there first.
cd work/
WORK_TREES="driver-core staging tty usb char-misc"
# First, clone Linus's tree in --bare mode as we are going to work off of that:
#git clone --bare git:// torvalds
# for local testing, to make it faster...
git clone --bare gregkh@clark:linux/work/torvalds torvalds
# now make clones of it for the different work types
echo "*** creating ${TREE} tree"
git clone -s torvalds ${TREE}
echo "*** setting up the master link"
cd ${TREE}
git remote add temp gitolite@${TREE}.git
git remote rm origin
git remote rename temp origin
# ok, there has to be a better way than to add the following lines to
# the git config to have the master branch track the remote master
# branch, but I can't figure it out...
echo "[branch \"master\"]" >> .git/config
echo " remote = origin" >> .git/config
echo " merge = refs/heads/master" >> .git/config
echo "*** setting up link"
git remote add${TREE}.git
echo "*** fetching from remote repo"
git fetch origin
echo "*** setting up branches"
git checkout -t -b ${TREE}-linus origin/${TREE}-linus
git checkout -b work-linus ${TREE}-linus
git checkout -t -b ${TREE}-next origin/${TREE}-next
git checkout -b work-next ${TREE}-next
cd ..
# make empty files for patch work
touch s s1 s2
cd ..
# clone my local tree, so that I can do stuff
echo "*** Creating gregkh repo"
git clone --shared work/torvalds gregkh
# clone my patch queue, not much there, but it's a place to work from
echo "*** Cloning patch queue"
git clone patches
cd patches
git remote add
cd ..
# Now for the stable stuff
echo "*** Setting up the Stable directories"
cd stable/
# we need the stable-queue first
echo "*** Cloning the stable-queue"
git clone
cd stable-queue
git remote add
cd ..
echo "*** Cloning the linux-stable tree, will take a while"
git clone
echo "*** Done, please set up the branches and stable repos as you need."
cd ..
echo "*** Also set up longterm/ if you still need it."
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