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#!/usr/bin/perl -W
# This takes a mbox of email, created with 'quilt mail --mbox'
# and formats it in the proper way to send off a -longterm kernel review.
# This means:
# - strip off some quilt headers and the threading
# - add some text at the top of every message.
# Written in perl because the bash version is broken, it doesn't pass
# through the patch correctly :(
my $line;
my $version = shift;
if ($version eq "") {
print "must provide kernel version number\n";
my $mbox = shift;
if ($mbox eq "") {
print "must provide the name of the mbox file\n";
$mboxnew = "$";
open MBOX, "$mbox" || die "Failed to open $mbox";
open FILE, ">$mboxnew" || die "Failed to create $mboxnew";
my $header = "true";
my $eat = "false";
while ($line = <MBOX>) {
$eat = "false";
if ($header eq "false") {
if ($line =~ m/^From /) {
# start of a message, this is the header
$header = "true";
if ($header eq "true") {
# strip out References line
if ($line =~ m/^References:/) {
# eat the line
$eat = "true";
# strip out the Content-Disposition line
if ($line =~ m/Content-Disposition:/) {
# eat the line
$eat = "true";
# we are now out of the header
$header = "false";
# write out our custom header too
print FILE "\n";
print FILE "2.6.$version-longterm review patch. If anyone has any objections, please let me know.\n";
print FILE "\n";
print FILE "------------------\n";
if ($eat eq "false") {
print FILE $line;
close MBOX;
close FILE;
print "# New mailbox is in $mboxnew\n";
print "# To send the patches out, do:\n";
print "cat $mboxnew | formail -A \"In-Reply-To: <FOO>\" -s\n";
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