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Things I don't want to forget, might as well track them here.
- cdev stuff
- buy a power controller for ktest:
- cross compilers from David Howwells into openSUSE.
- make dev_printk() "smarter" about finding a "real" device to print from, to
make it more useful for people (see input thread for why this is needed)
- kernel patches to make llvm build/link;a=tree;hb=HEAD
- remove __devX as it's pretty much pointless
- git quiltimport -c 2 (only apply X number of patches...)
- no more attributes, use attribute groups
- no more device_create_file(), use groups
- DEVICE_ATTR_R*, not "raw" ones if at all possible.
- sysfs binary file creation moved to groups for all drivers
- no more driver calls to sysfs_* at all if possible.
- PCI MSI sysfs files, an attribute group instead of a kobject mess?
- only do it once, and then restore on return to userspace only if set.