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work/pull_request: handle -linus not -next

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1 parent 8935ba3 commit 5cfa2df106ea2d99dbfbc0bfae3952b4a806b585 @gregkh committed Oct 3, 2012
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ chomp($q);
if ($q eq "") {
$q = $version;
-print "git tag -u -s $tree-$q $tree-linus\n";
-#print "git tag -u -s $tree-$q $tree-next\n";
+#print "git tag -u -s $tree-$q $tree-linus\n";
+print "git tag -u -s $tree-$q $tree-next\n";
print "git push origin $tree-$q\n";
print "echo \"git request-pull master git://$tree.git/ $tree-$q > msg.txt\" >\n";

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