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#ifndef _LSUSB_H
#define _LSUSB_H
/* From the kernel file, include/linux/stringify.h */
#define __stringify_1(x...) #x
#define __stringify(x...) __stringify_1(x)
/* Functions in the core */
void *robust_malloc(size_t size);
char *get_dev_string(struct udev_device *device, const char *name);
extern struct udev *udev;
/* device.c */
void create_usb_device(struct udev_device *device);
void free_usb_devices(void);
void sort_usb_devices(void);
void print_usb_devices(void);
/* interface.c */
void create_usb_interface(struct udev_device *device, struct usb_device *usb_device);
void free_usb_interface(struct usb_interface *usb_intf);
/* endpoint.c */
struct usb_endpoint *create_usb_endpoint(struct udev_device *device,
const char *endpoint_name);
void free_usb_endpoint(struct usb_endpoint *usb_endpoint);
/* raw.c */
void read_raw_usb_descriptor(struct udev_device *device, struct usb_device *usb_device);
#endif /* define _LSUSB_H */