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Why I don't want your code
Linux Kernel maintainers, why are they so grumpy?
Here's the Linux kernel development process.
Patches flow from developers through maintainers, up to subsystem
maintainers, then to Linus for a release.
This is well known, and we have a lot of people contributing to Linux:
big numbers go here
but what is a maintainer?
Maintainers are like editors in the publishing industry. They work with
developers to review, edit, suggest, reject, and accept their patches.
Every once in a while, maintainers get to go back to doing what they
love to do, i.e. be a developer.
So, usually, if you waste a maintainer's time, you make them upset as
they could be doing more productive things, like new development of
their own, or accepting patches from other people that aren't wasting
their time.
How do you waste a maintainer's time?
- don't follow the documented submitsion process
Here's a list of some of the things that people sent me, in a span of
two weeks, that were wrong and they should have never sent:
- patch [48/48] where there were no 47 other patches
- 15 patches in a series with no order given
- patch 1, 3-10, number 2 never showed up
..... (steal from other talk)
List of things from one Linaro developer sent me over the past month:
- 10 patch series with one sentance description for the whole series, saying what it did, but no idea why it is needed.
- half of the patches didn't even build
- second round of 10 patch series with no description as to what changed
- random patches sent that replaced individual patches in this series, with no numbering as to which one it was
- third resend of patches without any ordering specified
- fourth resend of patches, described as second version.
- insisted that two of these patches HAD to be applied for 3.9-rc1
- I applied them based on someone's comments I trusted.
- required follow-on patch to actually work properly
- subsystem maintainer returned from vacation, noticed the patches did not
work at all, I had to revert all 3 1 day before 3.9-rc1 merge window opened up.
- End result, I will not accept patches from this developer at all.
These were obvious things.
It is in my self-interest to ignore your patch
So, what to do about this:
give me no excuse to reject your patch
... steal from other talk...