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@@ -28,11 +28,42 @@ Make it impossible for me to reject your patch.
- small incremental change
- "obviously" correct
- good description of WHY the patch is needed
+ - tell me which tree it was made against if there is any question
+ - if multiple patches:
+ - tell me the ordering
+ - each patch needs to build properly and not break the build at any
+ step along the way
+ - make sure it applies, with no fuzz.
+ - make sure it builds
+ - make sure it works, if possible.
What you should expect of a maintainerr
- respond to the patch in 1-2 weeks (longer if in middle of merge
window, or if at conferences.)
- offer constructuve criticism of the patch
+ - let the author know when the apply the patch, and where it can be found
+What the author should provide
+ - respond to feedback, don't ignore it
+ - don't submit and run away
+Why I guarantee to you:
+ - I will respond within a week, unless I am traveling or during the merge window
+ - I will email you when the patch goes into my trees, letting you know where it is at
+What I do:
+ - batch up subsystem patches
+ - pick a few, save in a mbox
+ - review them, if bad, let the author know why and how to fix it, if possible.
+ - edit the headers to fix up typos
+ - make sure they apply with 'patch -p1 --dry-run'
+ - apply to a branch, building after each patch is applied
+ - if all good, merge to my main branch, and send out emails that the patches are applied.
+All my scripts are public:
+ github /linux tree

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