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#ifndef __DRM_EDID_H__
#define __DRM_EDID_H__
#include <linux/types.h>
#define EDID_LENGTH 128
#define DDC_ADDR 0x50
#error "EDID structure is little endian, need big endian versions"
struct est_timings {
u8 t1;
u8 t2;
u8 mfg_rsvd;
} __attribute__((packed));
struct std_timing {
u8 hsize; /* need to multiply by 8 then add 248 */
u8 vfreq:6; /* need to add 60 */
u8 aspect_ratio:2; /* 00=16:10, 01=4:3, 10=5:4, 11=16:9 */
} __attribute__((packed));
/* If detailed data is pixel timing */
struct detailed_pixel_timing {
u8 hactive_lo;
u8 hblank_lo;
u8 hblank_hi:4;
u8 hactive_hi:4;
u8 vactive_lo;
u8 vblank_lo;
u8 vblank_hi:4;
u8 vactive_hi:4;
u8 hsync_offset_lo;
u8 hsync_pulse_width_lo;
u8 vsync_pulse_width_lo:4;
u8 vsync_offset_lo:4;
u8 hsync_pulse_width_hi:2;
u8 hsync_offset_hi:2;
u8 vsync_pulse_width_hi:2;
u8 vsync_offset_hi:2;
u8 width_mm_lo;
u8 height_mm_lo;
u8 height_mm_hi:4;
u8 width_mm_hi:4;
u8 hborder;
u8 vborder;
u8 unknown0:1;
u8 vsync_positive:1;
u8 hsync_positive:1;
u8 separate_sync:2;
u8 stereo:1;
u8 unknown6:1;
u8 interlaced:1;
} __attribute__((packed));
/* If it's not pixel timing, it'll be one of the below */
struct detailed_data_string {
u8 str[13];
} __attribute__((packed));
struct detailed_data_monitor_range {
u8 min_vfreq;
u8 max_vfreq;
u8 min_hfreq_khz;
u8 max_hfreq_khz;
u8 pixel_clock_mhz; /* need to multiply by 10 */
u16 sec_gtf_toggle; /* A000=use above, 20=use below */ /* FIXME: byte order */
u8 hfreq_start_khz; /* need to multiply by 2 */
u8 c; /* need to divide by 2 */
u16 m; /* FIXME: byte order */
u8 k;
u8 j; /* need to divide by 2 */
} __attribute__((packed));
struct detailed_data_wpindex {
u8 white_y_lo:2;
u8 white_x_lo:2;
u8 pad:4;
u8 white_x_hi;
u8 white_y_hi;
u8 gamma; /* need to divide by 100 then add 1 */
} __attribute__((packed));
struct detailed_data_color_point {
u8 windex1;
u8 wpindex1[3];
u8 windex2;
u8 wpindex2[3];
} __attribute__((packed));
struct detailed_non_pixel {
u8 pad1;
u8 type; /* ff=serial, fe=string, fd=monitor range, fc=monitor name
fb=color point data, fa=standard timing data,
f9=undefined, f8=mfg. reserved */
u8 pad2;
union {
struct detailed_data_string str;
struct detailed_data_monitor_range range;
struct detailed_data_wpindex color;
struct std_timing timings[5];
} data;
} __attribute__((packed));
struct detailed_timing {
u16 pixel_clock; /* need to multiply by 10 KHz */ /* FIXME: byte order */
union {
struct detailed_pixel_timing pixel_data;
struct detailed_non_pixel other_data;
} data;
} __attribute__((packed));
struct edid {
u8 header[8];
/* Vendor & product info */
u16 mfg_id; /* FIXME: byte order */
u16 prod_code; /* FIXME: byte order */
u32 serial; /* FIXME: byte order */
u8 mfg_week;
u8 mfg_year;
/* EDID version */
u8 version;
u8 revision;
/* Display info: */
/* input definition */
u8 serration_vsync:1;
u8 sync_on_green:1;
u8 composite_sync:1;
u8 separate_syncs:1;
u8 blank_to_black:1;
u8 video_level:2;
u8 digital:1; /* bits below must be zero if set */
u8 width_cm;
u8 height_cm;
u8 gamma;
/* feature support */
u8 default_gtf:1;
u8 preferred_timing:1;
u8 standard_color:1;
u8 display_type:2; /* 00=mono, 01=rgb, 10=non-rgb, 11=unknown */
u8 pm_active_off:1;
u8 pm_suspend:1;
u8 pm_standby:1;
/* Color characteristics */
u8 red_green_lo;
u8 black_white_lo;
u8 red_x;
u8 red_y;
u8 green_x;
u8 green_y;
u8 blue_x;
u8 blue_y;
u8 white_x;
u8 white_y;
/* Est. timings and mfg rsvd timings*/
struct est_timings established_timings;
/* Standard timings 1-8*/
struct std_timing standard_timings[8];
/* Detailing timings 1-4 */
struct detailed_timing detailed_timings[4];
/* Number of 128 byte ext. blocks */
u8 extensions;
/* Checksum */
u8 checksum;
} __attribute__((packed));
extern unsigned char *drm_ddc_read(struct i2c_adapter *adapter);
extern int drm_get_acpi_edid(char *method, char *edid, ssize_t length);
#endif /* __DRM_EDID_H__ */
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