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0x1002 0x3150 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon Mobility X600 M24"
0x1002 0x3152 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon Mobility X300 M24"
0x1002 0x3E50 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV380 X600"
0x1002 0x3E54 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL V3200 RV380"
0x1002 0x4136 CHIP_RS100|RADEON_IS_IGP "ATI Radeon RS100 IGP 320"
0x1002 0x4137 CHIP_RS200|RADEON_IS_IGP "ATI Radeon RS200 IGP 340"
0x1002 0x4144 CHIP_R300 "ATI Radeon AD 9500"
0x1002 0x4145 CHIP_R300 "ATI Radeon AE 9700 Pro"
0x1002 0x4146 CHIP_R300 "ATI Radeon AF R300 9600TX"
0x1002 0x4147 CHIP_R300 "ATI FireGL AG Z1"
0x1002 0x4148 CHIP_R350 "ATI Radeon AH 9800 SE"
0x1002 0x4149 CHIP_R350 "ATI Radeon AI 9800"
0x1002 0x414A CHIP_R350 "ATI Radeon AJ 9800"
0x1002 0x414B CHIP_R350 "ATI FireGL AK X2"
0x1002 0x4150 CHIP_RV350 "ATI Radeon AP 9600"
0x1002 0x4151 CHIP_RV350 "ATI Radeon AQ 9600 SE"
0x1002 0x4152 CHIP_RV350 "ATI Radeon AR 9600 XT"
0x1002 0x4153 CHIP_RV350 "ATI Radeon AS 9550"
0x1002 0x4154 CHIP_RV350 "ATI FireGL AT T2"
0x1002 0x4155 CHIP_RV350 "ATI Radeon 9650"
0x1002 0x4156 CHIP_RV350 "ATI FireGL AV RV360 T2"
0x1002 0x4237 CHIP_RS200|RADEON_IS_IGP "ATI Radeon RS250 IGP"
0x1002 0x4242 CHIP_R200 "ATI Radeon BB R200 AIW 8500DV"
0x1002 0x4243 CHIP_R200 "ATI Radeon BC R200"
0x1002 0x4336 CHIP_RS100|RADEON_IS_IGP|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RS100 Mobility U1"
0x1002 0x4337 CHIP_RS200|RADEON_IS_IGP|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RS200 Mobility IGP 340M"
0x1002 0x4437 CHIP_RS200|RADEON_IS_IGP|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RS250 Mobility IGP"
0x1002 0x4966 CHIP_RV250 "ATI Radeon If RV250 9000"
0x1002 0x4967 CHIP_RV250 "ATI Radeon Ig RV250 9000"
0x1002 0x4A48 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JH R420 X800"
0x1002 0x4A49 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JI R420 X800 Pro"
0x1002 0x4A4A CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JJ R420 X800 SE"
0x1002 0x4A4B CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JK R420 X800 XT"
0x1002 0x4A4C CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JL R420 X800"
0x1002 0x4A4D CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL JM X3-256"
0x1002 0x4A4E CHIP_R420|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JN R420 Mobility M18"
0x1002 0x4A4F CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JO R420 X800 SE"
0x1002 0x4A50 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JP R420 X800 XT PE"
0x1002 0x4A54 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon JT R420 AIW X800 VE"
0x1002 0x4B49 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R481 X850 XT"
0x1002 0x4B4A CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R481 X850 SE"
0x1002 0x4B4B CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R481 X850 Pro"
0x1002 0x4B4C CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R481 X850 XT PE"
0x1002 0x4C57 CHIP_RV200|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon LW RV200 Mobility 7500 M7"
0x1002 0x4C58 CHIP_RV200|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon LX RV200 Mobility FireGL 7800 M7"
0x1002 0x4C59 CHIP_RV100|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon LY RV100 Mobility M6"
0x1002 0x4C5A CHIP_RV100|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon LZ RV100 Mobility M6"
0x1002 0x4C64 CHIP_RV250|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon Ld RV250 Mobility 9000 M9"
0x1002 0x4C66 CHIP_RV250 "ATI Radeon Lf RV250 Mobility 9000 M9 / FireMV 2400 PCI"
0x1002 0x4C67 CHIP_RV250|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon Lg RV250 Mobility 9000 M9"
0x1002 0x4E44 CHIP_R300 "ATI Radeon ND R300 9700 Pro"
0x1002 0x4E45 CHIP_R300 "ATI Radeon NE R300 9500 Pro / 9700"
0x1002 0x4E46 CHIP_R300 "ATI Radeon NF R300 9600TX"
0x1002 0x4E47 CHIP_R300 "ATI Radeon NG R300 FireGL X1"
0x1002 0x4E48 CHIP_R350 "ATI Radeon NH R350 9800 Pro"
0x1002 0x4E49 CHIP_R350 "ATI Radeon NI R350 9800"
0x1002 0x4E4A CHIP_R350 "ATI Radeon NJ R360 9800 XT"
0x1002 0x4E4B CHIP_R350 "ATI FireGL NK X2"
0x1002 0x4E50 CHIP_RV350|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RV350 Mobility 9600 M10 NP"
0x1002 0x4E51 CHIP_RV350|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RV350 Mobility 9600 M10 NQ"
0x1002 0x4E52 CHIP_RV350|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RV350 Mobility 9600 M11 NR"
0x1002 0x4E53 CHIP_RV350|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RV350 Mobility 9600 M10 NS"
0x1002 0x4E54 CHIP_RV350|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI FireGL T2/T2e"
0x1002 0x4E56 CHIP_RV350|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon Mobility 9550"
0x1002 0x5144 CHIP_R100|RADEON_SINGLE_CRTC "ATI Radeon QD R100"
0x1002 0x5145 CHIP_R100|RADEON_SINGLE_CRTC "ATI Radeon QE R100"
0x1002 0x5146 CHIP_R100|RADEON_SINGLE_CRTC "ATI Radeon QF R100"
0x1002 0x5147 CHIP_R100|RADEON_SINGLE_CRTC "ATI Radeon QG R100"
0x1002 0x5148 CHIP_R200 "ATI Radeon QH R200 8500"
0x1002 0x514C CHIP_R200 "ATI Radeon QL R200 8500 LE"
0x1002 0x514D CHIP_R200 "ATI Radeon QM R200 9100"
0x1002 0x5157 CHIP_RV200 "ATI Radeon QW RV200 7500"
0x1002 0x5158 CHIP_RV200 "ATI Radeon QX RV200 7500"
0x1002 0x5159 CHIP_RV100 "ATI Radeon QY RV100 7000/VE"
0x1002 0x515A CHIP_RV100 "ATI Radeon QZ RV100 7000/VE"
0x1002 0x515E CHIP_RV100 "ATI ES1000 RN50"
0x1002 0x5460 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon Mobility X300 M22"
0x1002 0x5462 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon Mobility X600 SE M24C"
0x1002 0x5464 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI FireGL M22 GL 5464"
0x1002 0x5548 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R423 X800"
0x1002 0x5549 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R423 X800 Pro"
0x1002 0x554A CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R423 X800 XT PE"
0x1002 0x554B CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R423 X800 SE"
0x1002 0x554C CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R430 X800 XTP"
0x1002 0x554D CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R430 X800 XL"
0x1002 0x554E CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R430 X800 SE"
0x1002 0x554F CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R430 X800"
0x1002 0x5550 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL V7100 R423"
0x1002 0x5551 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL V5100 R423 UQ"
0x1002 0x5552 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL unknown R423 UR"
0x1002 0x5554 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL unknown R423 UT"
0x1002 0x564F CHIP_RV410|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon Mobility X700 XL M26"
0x1002 0x5652 CHIP_RV410|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon Mobility X700 M26"
0x1002 0x5653 CHIP_RV410|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon Mobility X700 M26"
0x1002 0x5834 CHIP_RS300|RADEON_IS_IGP "ATI Radeon RS300 9100 IGP"
0x1002 0x5835 CHIP_RS300|RADEON_IS_IGP|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RS300 Mobility IGP"
0x1002 0x5960 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9250"
0x1002 0x5961 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9200"
0x1002 0x5962 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9200"
0x1002 0x5964 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9200 SE"
0x1002 0x5965 CHIP_RV280 "ATI FireMV 2200 PCI"
0x1002 0x5969 CHIP_RV100 "ATI ES1000 RN50"
0x1002 0x5b60 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV370 X300 SE"
0x1002 0x5b62 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV370 X600 Pro"
0x1002 0x5b63 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV370 X550"
0x1002 0x5b64 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL V3100 (RV370) 5B64"
0x1002 0x5b65 CHIP_RV380|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireMV 2200 PCIE (RV370) 5B65"
0x1002 0x5c61 CHIP_RV280|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RV280 Mobility"
0x1002 0x5c63 CHIP_RV280|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RV280 Mobility"
0x1002 0x5d48 CHIP_R420|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Mobility Radeon X800 XT M28"
0x1002 0x5d49 CHIP_R420|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Mobility FireGL V5100 M28"
0x1002 0x5d4a CHIP_R420|RADEON_IS_MOBILITY|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Mobility Radeon X800 M28"
0x1002 0x5d4c CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R480 X850"
0x1002 0x5d4d CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R480 X850 XT PE"
0x1002 0x5d4e CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R480 X850 SE"
0x1002 0x5d4f CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R480 X850 Pro"
0x1002 0x5d50 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI unknown Radeon / FireGL R480"
0x1002 0x5d52 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R480 X850 XT"
0x1002 0x5d57 CHIP_R420|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon R423 X800 XT"
0x1002 0x5e48 CHIP_RV410|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI FireGL V5000 RV410"
0x1002 0x5e4a CHIP_RV410|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV410 X700 XT"
0x1002 0x5e4b CHIP_RV410|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV410 X700 Pro"
0x1002 0x5e4c CHIP_RV410|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV410 X700 SE"
0x1002 0x5e4d CHIP_RV410|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV410 X700"
0x1002 0x5e4f CHIP_RV410|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RV410 X700 SE"
0x1002 0x7834 CHIP_RS300|RADEON_IS_IGP|RADEON_NEW_MEMMAP "ATI Radeon RS350 9000/9100 IGP"
0x1002 0x4c45 0 "ATI Rage 128 Mobility LE (PCI)"
0x1002 0x4c46 0 "ATI Rage 128 Mobility LF (AGP)"
0x1002 0x4d46 0 "ATI Rage 128 Mobility MF (AGP)"
0x1002 0x4d4c 0 "ATI Rage 128 Mobility ML (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5041 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PA (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5042 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PB (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5043 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PC (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5044 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PD (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5045 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PE (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5046 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PF (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5047 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PG (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5048 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PH (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5049 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PI (AGP)"
0x1002 0x504A 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PJ (PCI)"
0x1002 0x504B 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PK (AGP)"
0x1002 0x504C 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PL (AGP)"
0x1002 0x504D 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PM (PCI)"
0x1002 0x504E 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PN (AGP)"
0x1002 0x504F 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PO (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5050 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PP (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5051 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PQ (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5052 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PR (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5053 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PS (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5054 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PT (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5055 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PU (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5056 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PV (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5057 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PW (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5058 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro PX (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5245 0 "ATI Rage 128 RE (PCI)"
0x1002 0x5246 0 "ATI Rage 128 RF (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5247 0 "ATI Rage 128 RG (AGP)"
0x1002 0x524b 0 "ATI Rage 128 RK (PCI)"
0x1002 0x524c 0 "ATI Rage 128 RL (AGP)"
0x1002 0x534d 0 "ATI Rage 128 SM (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5446 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF (AGP)"
0x1002 0x544C 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra TL (AGP)"
0x1002 0x5452 0 "ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra TR (AGP)"
0x102b 0x0520 MGA_CARD_TYPE_G200 "Matrox G200 (PCI)"
0x102b 0x0521 MGA_CARD_TYPE_G200 "Matrox G200 (AGP)"
0x102b 0x0525 MGA_CARD_TYPE_G400 "Matrox G400/G450 (AGP)"
0x102b 0x2527 MGA_CARD_TYPE_G550 "Matrox G550 (AGP)"
0x1002 0x4749 0 "3D Rage Pro"
0x1002 0x4750 0 "3D Rage Pro 215GP"
0x1002 0x4751 0 "3D Rage Pro 215GQ"
0x1002 0x4742 0 "3D Rage Pro AGP 1X/2X"
0x1002 0x4744 0 "3D Rage Pro AGP 1X"
0x1002 0x4c49 0 "3D Rage LT Pro"
0x1002 0x4c50 0 "3D Rage LT Pro"
0x1002 0x4c51 0 "3D Rage LT Pro"
0x1002 0x4c42 0 "3D Rage LT Pro AGP-133"
0x1002 0x4c44 0 "3D Rage LT Pro AGP-66"
0x1002 0x474c 0 "Rage XC"
0x1002 0x474f 0 "Rage XL"
0x1002 0x4752 0 "Rage XL"
0x1002 0x4753 0 "Rage XC"
0x1002 0x474d 0 "Rage XL AGP 2X"
0x1002 0x474e 0 "Rage XC AGP"
0x1002 0x4c52 0 "Rage Mobility P/M"
0x1002 0x4c53 0 "Rage Mobility L"
0x1002 0x4c4d 0 "Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2X"
0x1002 0x4c4e 0 "Rage Mobility L AGP 2X"
0x1039 0x0300 0 "SiS 300/305"
0x1039 0x5300 0 "SiS 540"
0x1039 0x6300 0 "SiS 630"
0x1039 0x6330 SIS_CHIP_315 "SiS 661"
0x1039 0x7300 0 "SiS 730"
0x18CA 0x0040 SIS_CHIP_315 "Volari V3XT/V5/V8"
0x18CA 0x0042 SIS_CHIP_315 "Volari Unknown"
0x121a 0x0003 0 "3dfx Voodoo Banshee"
0x121a 0x0004 0 "3dfx Voodoo3 2000"
0x121a 0x0005 0 "3dfx Voodoo3 3000"
0x121a 0x0007 0 "3dfx Voodoo4 4500"
0x121a 0x0009 0 "3dfx Voodoo5 5500"
0x121a 0x000b 0 "3dfx Voodoo4 4200"
0x1106 0x3022 0 "VIA CLE266 3022"
0x1106 0x3118 VIA_PRO_GROUP_A "VIA CN400 / PM8X0"
0x1106 0x3122 0 "VIA CLE266"
0x1106 0x7205 0 "VIA KM400"
0x1106 0x3108 0 "VIA K8M800"
0x1106 0x3344 0 "VIA CN700 / VM800 / P4M800Pro"
0x1106 0x3343 0 "VIA P4M890"
0x1106 0x3230 VIA_DX9_0 "VIA K8M890"
0x1106 0x3157 VIA_PRO_GROUP_A "VIA CX700"
0x8086 0x7121 0 "Intel i810 GMCH"
0x8086 0x7123 0 "Intel i810-DC100 GMCH"
0x8086 0x7125 0 "Intel i810E GMCH"
0x8086 0x1132 0 "Intel i815 GMCH"
0x8086 0x3577 0 "Intel i830M GMCH"
0x8086 0x2562 0 "Intel i845G GMCH"
0x8086 0x3582 0 "Intel i852GM/i855GM GMCH"
0x8086 0x2572 0 "Intel i865G GMCH"
0x3d3d 0x0008 0 "3DLabs GLINT Gamma G1"
0x5333 0x8a20 S3_SAVAGE3D "Savage 3D"
0x5333 0x8a21 S3_SAVAGE3D "Savage 3D/MV"
0x5333 0x8a22 S3_SAVAGE4 "Savage4"
0x5333 0x8a23 S3_SAVAGE4 "Savage4"
0x5333 0x8c10 S3_SAVAGE_MX "Savage/MX-MV"
0x5333 0x8c11 S3_SAVAGE_MX "Savage/MX"
0x5333 0x8c12 S3_SAVAGE_MX "Savage/IX-MV"
0x5333 0x8c13 S3_SAVAGE_MX "Savage/IX"
0x5333 0x8c22 S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage MX/128"
0x5333 0x8c24 S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage MX/64"
0x5333 0x8c26 S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage MX/64C"
0x5333 0x8c2a S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage IX/128 SDR"
0x5333 0x8c2b S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage IX/128 DDR"
0x5333 0x8c2c S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage IX/64 SDR"
0x5333 0x8c2d S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage IX/64 DDR"
0x5333 0x8c2e S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage IX/C SDR"
0x5333 0x8c2f S3_SUPERSAVAGE "SuperSavage IX/C DDR"
0x5333 0x8a25 S3_PROSAVAGE "ProSavage PM133"
0x5333 0x8a26 S3_PROSAVAGE "ProSavage KM133"
0x5333 0x8d01 S3_TWISTER "ProSavage Twister PN133"
0x5333 0x8d02 S3_TWISTER "ProSavage Twister KN133"
0x5333 0x8d03 S3_PROSAVAGEDDR "ProSavage DDR"
0x5333 0x8d04 S3_PROSAVAGEDDR "ProSavage DDR-K"
0x8086 0x3577 CHIP_I8XX "Intel i830M GMCH"
0x8086 0x2562 CHIP_I8XX "Intel i845G GMCH"
0x8086 0x3582 CHIP_I8XX "Intel i852GM/i855GM GMCH"
0x8086 0x2572 CHIP_I8XX "Intel i865G GMCH"
0x8086 0x2582 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel i915G"
0x8086 0x2592 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel i915GM"
0x8086 0x2772 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel i945G"
0x8086 0x27A2 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel i945GM"
0x8086 0x27AE CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel i945GME"
0x8086 0x2972 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I965 "Intel i946GZ"
0x8086 0x2982 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I965 "Intel i965G"
0x8086 0x2992 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I965 "Intel i965Q"
0x8086 0x29A2 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I965 "Intel i965G"
0x8086 0x2A02 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I965 "Intel i965GM"
0x8086 0x2A12 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I965 "Intel i965GME/GLE"
0x8086 0x29C2 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel G33"
0x8086 0x29B2 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel Q35"
0x8086 0x29D2 CHIP_I9XX|CHIP_I915 "Intel Q33"
0x8086 0x8108 CHIP_PSB_8108 "Intel GMA500"
0x8086 0x8109 CHIP_PSB_8109 "Intel GMA500"
0x105d 0x2309 IMAGINE_128 "Imagine 128"
0x105d 0x2339 IMAGINE_128_2 "Imagine 128-II"
0x105d 0x493d IMAGINE_T2R "Ticket to Ride"
0x105d 0x5348 IMAGINE_REV4 "Revolution IV"
0x10DE 0x0020 NV04 "NVidia RIVA TNT"
0x10DE 0x0028 NV04 "NVidia RIVA TNT2"
0x10DE 0x002A NV04 "NVidia Unknown TNT2"
0x10DE 0x002C NV04 "NVidia Vanta"
0x10DE 0x0029 NV04 "NVidia RIVA TNT2 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x002D NV04 "NVidia RIVA TNT2 Model 64"
0x10DE 0x00A0 NV04 "NVidia Aladdin TNT2"
0x10DE 0x0100 NV10 "NVidia GeForce 256"
0x10DE 0x0101 NV10 "NVidia GeForce DDR"
0x10DE 0x0103 NV10 "NVidia Quadro"
0x10DE 0x0110 NV10 "NVidia GeForce2 MX/MX 400"
0x10DE 0x0111 NV10 "NVidia GeForce2 MX 100/200"
0x10DE 0x0112 NV10 "NVidia GeForce2 Go"
0x10DE 0x0113 NV10 "NVidia Quadro2 MXR/EX/Go"
0x10DE 0x0150 NV10 "NVidia GeForce2 GTS"
0x10DE 0x0151 NV10 "NVidia GeForce2 Ti"
0x10DE 0x0152 NV10 "NVidia GeForce2 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x0153 NV10 "NVidia Quadro2 Pro"
0x10DE 0x0170 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 460"
0x10DE 0x0171 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 440"
0x10DE 0x0172 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 420"
0x10DE 0x0173 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 440-SE"
0x10DE 0x0174 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 440 Go"
0x10DE 0x0175 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 420 Go"
0x10DE 0x0176 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 420 Go 32M"
0x10DE 0x0177 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 460 Go"
0x10DE 0x0178 NV10 "NVidia Quadro4 550 XGL"
0x10DE 0x0179 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4"
0x10DE 0x017A NV10 "NVidia Quadro4 NVS"
0x10DE 0x017C NV10 "NVidia Quadro4 500 GoGL"
0x10DE 0x017D NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 410 Go 16M"
0x10DE 0x0181 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X"
0x10DE 0x0182 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 440SE with AGP8X"
0x10DE 0x0183 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 420 with AGP8X"
0x10DE 0x0185 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX 4000"
0x10DE 0x0186 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 448 Go"
0x10DE 0x0187 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 488 Go"
0x10DE 0x0188 NV10 "NVidia Quadro4 580 XGL"
0x10DE 0x0189 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX with AGP8X (Mac)"
0x10DE 0x018A NV10 "NVidia Quadro4 280 NVS"
0x10DE 0x018B NV10 "NVidia Quadro4 380 XGL"
0x10DE 0x018C NV10 "NVidia Quadro NVS 50 PCI"
0x10DE 0x018D NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 448 Go"
0x10DE 0x01A0 NV10 "NVidia GeForce2 Integrated GPU"
0x10DE 0x01F0 NV10 "NVidia GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU"
0x10DE 0x0200 NV20 "NVidia GeForce3"
0x10DE 0x0201 NV20 "NVidia GeForce3 Ti 200"
0x10DE 0x0202 NV20 "NVidia GeForce3 Ti 500"
0x10DE 0x0203 NV20 "NVidia Quadro DCC"
0x10DE 0x0250 NV20 "NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600"
0x10DE 0x0251 NV20 "NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4400"
0x10DE 0x0252 NV20 "NVidia 0x0252"
0x10DE 0x0253 NV20 "NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4200"
0x10DE 0x0258 NV20 "NVidia Quadro4 900 XGL"
0x10DE 0x0259 NV20 "NVidia Quadro4 750 XGL"
0x10DE 0x025B NV20 "NVidia Quadro4 700 XGL"
0x10DE 0x0280 NV20 "NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4800"
0x10DE 0x0281 NV20 "NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X"
0x10DE 0x0282 NV20 "NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE"
0x10DE 0x0286 NV20 "NVidia GeForce4 4200 Go"
0x10DE 0x028C NV20 "NVidia Quadro4 700 GoGL"
0x10DE 0x0288 NV20 "NVidia Quadro4 980 XGL"
0x10DE 0x0289 NV20 "NVidia Quadro4 780 XGL"
0x10DE 0x0301 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5800 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x0302 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5800"
0x10DE 0x0308 NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX 2000"
0x10DE 0x0309 NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX 1000"
0x10DE 0x0311 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x0312 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5600"
0x10DE 0x0313 NV30 "NVidia 0x0313"
0x10DE 0x0314 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5600SE"
0x10DE 0x0316 NV30 "NVidia 0x0316"
0x10DE 0x0317 NV30 "NVidia 0x0317"
0x10DE 0x031A NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5600"
0x10DE 0x031B NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5650"
0x10DE 0x031C NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX Go700"
0x10DE 0x031D NV30 "NVidia 0x031D"
0x10DE 0x031E NV30 "NVidia 0x031E"
0x10DE 0x031F NV30 "NVidia 0x031F"
0x10DE 0x0320 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5200"
0x10DE 0x0321 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5200 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x0322 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5200"
0x10DE 0x0323 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5200SE"
0x10DE 0x0324 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5200"
0x10DE 0x0325 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5250"
0x10DE 0x0326 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5500"
0x10DE 0x0327 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5100"
0x10DE 0x0328 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 32M/64M"
0x10DE 0x0329 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5200 (Mac)"
0x10DE 0x032A NV30 "NVidia Quadro NVS 280 PCI"
0x10DE 0x032B NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX 500/600 PCI"
0x10DE 0x032C NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go53xx Series"
0x10DE 0x032D NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5100"
0x10DE 0x032F NV30 "NVidia 0x032F"
0x10DE 0x0330 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x0331 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5900"
0x10DE 0x0332 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5900XT"
0x10DE 0x0333 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5950 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x033F NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX 700"
0x10DE 0x0334 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5900ZT"
0x10DE 0x0338 NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX 3000"
0x10DE 0x0341 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5700 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x0342 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5700"
0x10DE 0x0343 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5700LE"
0x10DE 0x0344 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX 5700VE"
0x10DE 0x0345 NV30 "NVidia 0x0345"
0x10DE 0x0347 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5700"
0x10DE 0x0348 NV30 "NVidia GeForce FX Go5700"
0x10DE 0x0349 NV30 "NVidia 0x0349"
0x10DE 0x034B NV30 "NVidia 0x034B"
0x10DE 0x034C NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX Go1000"
0x10DE 0x034E NV30 "NVidia Quadro FX 1100"
0x10DE 0x034F NV30 "NVidia 0x034F"
0x10DE 0x0040 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x0041 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800"
0x10DE 0x0042 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800 LE"
0x10DE 0x0043 NV40 "NVidia 0x0043"
0x10DE 0x0045 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800 GT"
0x10DE 0x0046 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800 GT"
0x10DE 0x0049 NV40 "NVidia 0x0049"
0x10DE 0x004E NV40 "NVidia Quadro FX 4000"
0x10DE 0x00C0 NV40 "NVidia 0x00C0"
0x10DE 0x00C1 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800"
0x10DE 0x00C2 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800 LE"
0x10DE 0x00C8 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6800"
0x10DE 0x00C9 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6800 Ultra"
0x10DE 0x00CC NV40 "NVidia Quadro FX Go1400"
0x10DE 0x00CD NV40 "NVidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI"
0x10DE 0x00CE NV40 "NVidia Quadro FX 1400"
0x10de 0x00f0 NV40 "Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT"
0x10de 0x00f1 NV40 "Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT"
0x10DE 0x0140 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6600 GT"
0x10DE 0x0141 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6600"
0x10DE 0x0142 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6600 LE"
0x10DE 0x0143 NV40 "NVidia 0x0143"
0x10DE 0x0144 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6600"
0x10DE 0x0145 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6610 XL"
0x10DE 0x0146 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6600 TE/6200 TE"
0x10DE 0x0147 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6700 XL"
0x10DE 0x0148 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6600"
0x10DE 0x0149 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6600 GT"
0x10DE 0x014B NV40 "NVidia 0x014B"
0x10DE 0x014C NV40 "NVidia 0x014C"
0x10DE 0x014D NV40 "NVidia 0x014D"
0x10DE 0x014E NV40 "NVidia Quadro FX 540"
0x10DE 0x014F NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6200"
0x10DE 0x0160 NV40 "NVidia 0x0160"
0x10DE 0x0161 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM)"
0x10DE 0x0162 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6200SE TurboCache(TM)"
0x10DE 0x0163 NV40 "NVidia 0x0163"
0x10DE 0x0164 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6200"
0x10DE 0x0165 NV40 "NVidia Quadro NVS 285"
0x10DE 0x0166 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6400"
0x10DE 0x0167 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6200"
0x10DE 0x0168 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 6400"
0x10DE 0x0169 NV40 "NVidia 0x0169"
0x10DE 0x016B NV40 "NVidia 0x016B"
0x10DE 0x016C NV40 "NVidia 0x016C"
0x10DE 0x016D NV40 "NVidia 0x016D"
0x10DE 0x016E NV40 "NVidia 0x016E"
0x10DE 0x0210 NV40 "NVidia 0x0210"
0x10DE 0x0211 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800"
0x10DE 0x0212 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800 LE"
0x10DE 0x0215 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6800 GT"
0x10DE 0x0220 NV40 "NVidia 0x0220"
0x10DE 0x0221 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 6200"
0x10DE 0x0222 NV40 "NVidia 0x0222"
0x10DE 0x0228 NV40 "NVidia 0x0228"
0x10DE 0x0090 NV40 "NVidia 0x0090"
0x10DE 0x0091 NV40 "NVidia GeForce 7800 GTX"
0x10DE 0x0092 NV40 "NVidia 0x0092"
0x10DE 0x0093 NV40 "NVidia 0x0093"
0x10DE 0x0094 NV40 "NVidia 0x0094"
0x10DE 0x0098 NV40 "NVidia 0x0098"
0x10DE 0x0099 NV40 "NVidia GeForce Go 7800 GTX"
0x10DE 0x009C NV40 "NVidia 0x009C"
0x10DE 0x009D NV40 "NVidia Quadro FX 4500"
0x10DE 0x009E NV40 "NVidia 0x009E"
0x18ca 0x2200 0 "XP5"
0x18ca 0x0047 0 "XP10 / XG47"