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* Copyright (c) 2007, Intel Corporation.
* All Rights Reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License,
* version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
* this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin St - Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
* Intel funded Tungsten Graphics ( to
* develop this driver.
#ifndef _PSB_DRV_H_
#define _PSB_DRV_H_
#include "drmP.h"
#include "psb_drm.h"
#include "psb_reg.h"
#include "psb_schedule.h"
#include "intel_drv.h"
#define MAX_BLIT_REQ_SIZE 16*4
#define PSB_BLIT_QUEUE_LEN 100
typedef struct delayed_2d_blit_req
unsigned char BlitReqData[MAX_BLIT_REQ_SIZE];
int gnBlitCmdSize; //always 40 bytes now!
}delayed_2d_blit_req_t, *delayed_2d_blit_req_ptr;
typedef struct psb_2d_blit_queue
delayed_2d_blit_req_t sBlitReq[PSB_BLIT_QUEUE_LEN];
int nHead, nTail;
spinlock_t sLock;
}psb_2d_blit_queue_t, *psb_2d_blit_queue_ptr;
extern int psb_blit_queue_init(psb_2d_blit_queue_ptr q);
extern int psb_blit_queue_is_empty(psb_2d_blit_queue_ptr q);
extern int psb_blit_queue_is_full(psb_2d_blit_queue_ptr q);
extern delayed_2d_blit_req_ptr psb_blit_queue_get_item(psb_2d_blit_queue_ptr q);
extern int psb_blit_queue_put_item(psb_2d_blit_queue_ptr q, delayed_2d_blit_req_ptr elem);
void psb_blit_queue_clear(psb_2d_blit_queue_ptr q);
#endif /* PSB_DETEAR */
enum {
CHIP_PSB_8108 = 0,
CHIP_PSB_8109 = 1
* Hardware bugfixes
#define FIX_TG_16
#define DRIVER_NAME "psb"
#define DRIVER_DESC "drm driver for the Intel GMA500"
#define DRIVER_AUTHOR "Tungsten Graphics Inc."
#define PSB_DRM_DRIVER_DATE "20090319"
#define PSB_VDC_OFFSET 0x00000000
#define PSB_VDC_SIZE 0x000080000
#define PSB_SGX_SIZE 0x8000
#define PSB_SGX_OFFSET 0x00040000
#define PSB_GMCH_CTRL 0x52
#define PSB_BSM 0x5C
#define _PSB_GMCH_ENABLED 0x4
#define PSB_PGETBL_CTL 0x2020
#define _PSB_PGETBL_ENABLED 0x00000001
#define PSB_SGX_2D_SLAVE_PORT 0x4000
#define PSB_TT_PRIV0_LIMIT (256*1024*1024)
#define PSB_MEM_KERNEL_START 0x10000000
#define PSB_MEM_PDS_START 0x20000000
#define PSB_MEM_MMU_START 0x40000000
* Flags for external memory type field.
#define PSB_MSVDX_OFFSET 0x50000 /*MSVDX Base offset */
#define PSB_MSVDX_SIZE 0x8000 /*MSVDX MMIO region is 0x50000 - 0x57fff ==> 32KB */
#define PSB_MMU_CACHED_MEMORY 0x0001 /* Bind to MMU only */
#define PSB_MMU_RO_MEMORY 0x0002 /* MMU RO memory */
#define PSB_MMU_WO_MEMORY 0x0004 /* MMU WO memory */
* PTE's and PDE's
#define PSB_PDE_MASK 0x003FFFFF
#define PSB_PDE_SHIFT 22
#define PSB_PTE_SHIFT 12
#define PSB_PTE_VALID 0x0001 /* PTE / PDE valid */
#define PSB_PTE_WO 0x0002 /* Write only */
#define PSB_PTE_RO 0x0004 /* Read only */
#define PSB_PTE_CACHED 0x0008 /* CPU cache coherent */
* VDC registers and bits
#define PSB_HWSTAM 0x2098
#define PSB_INSTPM 0x20C0
#define PSB_INT_IDENTITY_R 0x20A4
#define _PSB_VSYNC_PIPEB_FLAG (1<<5)
#define _PSB_VSYNC_PIPEA_FLAG (1<<7)
#define _PSB_IRQ_SGX_FLAG (1<<18)
#define _PSB_IRQ_MSVDX_FLAG (1<<19)
#define PSB_INT_MASK_R 0x20A8
#define PSB_INT_ENABLE_R 0x20A0
#define PSB_PIPEASTAT 0x70024
#define _PSB_VBLANK_CLEAR (1 << 1)
#define PSB_PIPEBSTAT 0x71024
#define SDVOB_HOTPLUG_STATUS (1 << 6)
#define _PSB_MMU_ER_MASK 0x0001FF00
#define _PSB_MMU_ER_HOST (1 << 16)
#define GPIOA 0x5010
#define GPIOB 0x5014
#define GPIOC 0x5018
#define GPIOD 0x501c
#define GPIOE 0x5020
#define GPIOF 0x5024
#define GPIOG 0x5028
#define GPIOH 0x502c
#define GPIO_CLOCK_DIR_MASK (1 << 0)
#define GPIO_CLOCK_DIR_IN (0 << 1)
#define GPIO_CLOCK_DIR_OUT (1 << 1)
#define GPIO_CLOCK_VAL_MASK (1 << 2)
#define GPIO_CLOCK_VAL_OUT (1 << 3)
#define GPIO_CLOCK_VAL_IN (1 << 4)
#define GPIO_DATA_DIR_MASK (1 << 8)
#define GPIO_DATA_DIR_IN (0 << 9)
#define GPIO_DATA_DIR_OUT (1 << 9)
#define GPIO_DATA_VAL_MASK (1 << 10)
#define GPIO_DATA_VAL_OUT (1 << 11)
#define GPIO_DATA_VAL_IN (1 << 12)
#define GPIO_DATA_PULLUP_DISABLE (1 << 13)
#define VCLK_DIVISOR_VGA0 0x6000
#define VCLK_DIVISOR_VGA1 0x6004
#define VCLK_POST_DIV 0x6010
#define DRM_DRIVER_PRIVATE_T struct drm_psb_private
#define I915_WRITE(_offs, _val) \
iowrite32(_val, dev_priv->vdc_reg + (_offs))
#define I915_READ(_offs) \
ioread32(dev_priv->vdc_reg + (_offs))
#define PSB_COMM_2D (PSB_ENGINE_2D << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_3D (PSB_ENGINE_3D << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_TA (PSB_ENGINE_TA << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_HP (PSB_ENGINE_HP << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_USER_IRQ (1024 >> 2)
#define PSB_COMM_FW (2048 >> 2)
#define PSB_2D_SIZE (256*1024*1024)
#define PSB_MAX_RELOC_PAGES 1024
#define PSB_LOW_REG_OFFS 0x0204
#define PSB_HIGH_REG_OFFS 0x0600
#define PSB_COMM_2D (PSB_ENGINE_2D << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_3D (PSB_ENGINE_3D << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_TA (PSB_ENGINE_TA << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_HP (PSB_ENGINE_HP << 4)
#define PSB_COMM_FW (2048 >> 2)
#define PSB_2D_SIZE (256*1024*1024)
#define PSB_MAX_RELOC_PAGES 1024
#define PSB_LOW_REG_OFFS 0x0204
#define PSB_HIGH_REG_OFFS 0x0600
* User options.
struct drm_psb_uopt {
int clock_gating;
struct psb_gtt {
struct drm_device *dev;
int initialized;
uint32_t gatt_start;
uint32_t gtt_start;
uint32_t gtt_phys_start;
unsigned gtt_pages;
unsigned gatt_pages;
uint32_t stolen_base;
uint32_t pge_ctl;
u16 gmch_ctrl;
unsigned long stolen_size;
uint32_t *gtt_map;
struct rw_semaphore sem;
struct psb_use_base {
struct list_head head;
struct drm_fence_object *fence;
unsigned int reg;
unsigned long offset;
unsigned int dm;
struct psb_buflist_item;
struct psb_msvdx_cmd_queue {
struct list_head head;
void *cmd;
unsigned long cmd_size;
uint32_t sequence;
struct drm_psb_private {
unsigned long chipset;
uint8_t psb_rev_id;
struct psb_xhw_buf resume_buf;
struct drm_psb_dev_info_arg dev_info;
struct drm_psb_uopt uopt;
struct psb_gtt *pg;
struct page *scratch_page;
struct page *comm_page;
volatile uint32_t *comm;
uint32_t comm_mmu_offset;
uint32_t mmu_2d_offset;
uint32_t sequence[PSB_NUM_ENGINES];
uint32_t last_sequence[PSB_NUM_ENGINES];
int idle[PSB_NUM_ENGINES];
uint32_t last_submitted_seq[PSB_NUM_ENGINES];
int engine_lockup_2d;
struct psb_mmu_driver *mmu;
struct psb_mmu_pd *pf_pd;
uint8_t *sgx_reg;
uint8_t *vdc_reg;
uint8_t *msvdx_reg;
int msvdx_needs_reset;
int has_msvdx;
uint32_t gatt_free_offset;
atomic_t msvdx_mmu_invaldc;
int msvdx_power_saving;
* Fencing / irq.
uint32_t sgx_irq_mask;
uint32_t sgx2_irq_mask;
uint32_t vdc_irq_mask;
spinlock_t irqmask_lock;
spinlock_t sequence_lock;
int fence0_irq_on;
int irq_enabled;
unsigned int irqen_count_2d;
wait_queue_head_t event_2d_queue;
#ifdef FIX_TG_16
wait_queue_head_t queue_2d;
atomic_t lock_2d;
atomic_t ta_wait_2d;
atomic_t ta_wait_2d_irq;
atomic_t waiters_2d;
struct mutex mutex_2d;
uint32_t msvdx_current_sequence;
uint32_t msvdx_last_sequence;
uint32_t msvdx_finished_sequence;
uint32_t msvdx_start_idle;
unsigned long msvdx_idle_start_jiffies;
int fence2_irq_on;
* MSVDX Rendec Memory
struct drm_buffer_object *ccb0;
uint32_t base_addr0;
struct drm_buffer_object *ccb1;
uint32_t base_addr1;
* Memory managers
int have_vram;
int have_tt;
int have_mem_mmu;
int have_mem_aper;
int have_mem_kernel;
int have_mem_pds;
int have_mem_rastgeom;
struct mutex temp_mem;
* Relocation buffer mapping.
spinlock_t reloc_lock;
unsigned int rel_mapped_pages;
wait_queue_head_t rel_mapped_queue;
struct drm_psb_sarea *sarea_priv;
* LVDS info
int backlight_duty_cycle; /* restore backlight to this value */
bool panel_wants_dither;
struct drm_display_mode *panel_fixed_mode;
* Register state
uint32_t saveDSPACNTR;
uint32_t saveDSPBCNTR;
uint32_t savePIPEACONF;
uint32_t savePIPEBCONF;
uint32_t savePIPEASRC;
uint32_t savePIPEBSRC;
uint32_t saveFPA0;
uint32_t saveFPA1;
uint32_t saveDPLL_A;
uint32_t saveDPLL_A_MD;
uint32_t saveHTOTAL_A;
uint32_t saveHBLANK_A;
uint32_t saveHSYNC_A;
uint32_t saveVTOTAL_A;
uint32_t saveVBLANK_A;
uint32_t saveVSYNC_A;
uint32_t saveDSPASTRIDE;
uint32_t saveDSPASIZE;
uint32_t saveDSPAPOS;
uint32_t saveDSPABASE;
uint32_t saveDSPASURF;
uint32_t saveFPB0;
uint32_t saveFPB1;
uint32_t saveDPLL_B;
uint32_t saveDPLL_B_MD;
uint32_t saveHTOTAL_B;
uint32_t saveHBLANK_B;
uint32_t saveHSYNC_B;
uint32_t saveVTOTAL_B;
uint32_t saveVBLANK_B;
uint32_t saveVSYNC_B;
uint32_t saveDSPBSTRIDE;
uint32_t saveDSPBSIZE;
uint32_t saveDSPBPOS;
uint32_t saveDSPBBASE;
uint32_t saveDSPBSURF;
uint32_t saveVCLK_DIVISOR_VGA0;
uint32_t saveVCLK_DIVISOR_VGA1;
uint32_t saveVCLK_POST_DIV;
uint32_t saveVGACNTRL;
uint32_t saveADPA;
uint32_t saveLVDS;
uint32_t saveDVOA;
uint32_t saveDVOB;
uint32_t saveDVOC;
uint32_t savePP_ON;
uint32_t savePP_OFF;
uint32_t savePP_CONTROL;
uint32_t savePP_CYCLE;
uint32_t savePFIT_CONTROL;
uint32_t savePaletteA[256];
uint32_t savePaletteB[256];
uint32_t saveBLC_PWM_CTL;
uint32_t saveCLOCKGATING;
* USE code base register management.
struct drm_reg_manager use_manager;
* Xhw
uint32_t *xhw;
struct drm_buffer_object *xhw_bo;
struct drm_bo_kmap_obj xhw_kmap;
struct list_head xhw_in;
spinlock_t xhw_lock;
atomic_t xhw_client;
struct drm_file *xhw_file;
wait_queue_head_t xhw_queue;
wait_queue_head_t xhw_caller_queue;
struct mutex xhw_mutex;
struct psb_xhw_buf *xhw_cur_buf;
int xhw_submit_ok;
int xhw_on;
* Scheduling.
struct mutex reset_mutex;
struct mutex cmdbuf_mutex;
struct psb_scheduler scheduler;
struct psb_buflist_item *buffers;
uint32_t ta_mem_pages;
struct psb_ta_mem *ta_mem;
int force_ta_mem_load;
* Watchdog
spinlock_t watchdog_lock;
struct timer_list watchdog_timer;
struct work_struct watchdog_wq;
struct work_struct msvdx_watchdog_wq;
int timer_available;
* msvdx command queue
spinlock_t msvdx_lock;
struct mutex msvdx_mutex;
struct list_head msvdx_queue;
int msvdx_busy;
* DVD detear performance evalue
struct timeval latest_vblank;
wait_queue_head_t blit_2d_queue;
int blit_2d;
struct psb_mmu_driver;
extern struct psb_mmu_driver *psb_mmu_driver_init(uint8_t __iomem * registers,
int trap_pagefaults,
int invalid_type,
atomic_t *msvdx_mmu_invaldc);
extern void psb_mmu_driver_takedown(struct psb_mmu_driver *driver);
extern struct psb_mmu_pd *psb_mmu_get_default_pd(struct psb_mmu_driver *driver);
extern void psb_mmu_mirror_gtt(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd, uint32_t mmu_offset,
uint32_t gtt_start, uint32_t gtt_pages);
extern void psb_mmu_test(struct psb_mmu_driver *driver, uint32_t offset);
extern struct psb_mmu_pd *psb_mmu_alloc_pd(struct psb_mmu_driver *driver,
int trap_pagefaults,
int invalid_type);
extern void psb_mmu_free_pagedir(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd);
extern void psb_mmu_flush(struct psb_mmu_driver *driver);
extern void psb_mmu_remove_pfn_sequence(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd,
unsigned long address,
uint32_t num_pages);
extern int psb_mmu_insert_pfn_sequence(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd,
uint32_t start_pfn,
unsigned long address,
uint32_t num_pages, int type);
extern int psb_mmu_virtual_to_pfn(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd, uint32_t virtual,
unsigned long *pfn);
* Enable / disable MMU for different requestors.
extern void psb_mmu_enable_requestor(struct psb_mmu_driver *driver,
uint32_t mask);
extern void psb_mmu_disable_requestor(struct psb_mmu_driver *driver,
uint32_t mask);
extern void psb_mmu_set_pd_context(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd, int hw_context);
extern int psb_mmu_insert_pages(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd, struct page **pages,
unsigned long address, uint32_t num_pages,
uint32_t desired_tile_stride,
uint32_t hw_tile_stride, int type);
extern void psb_mmu_remove_pages(struct psb_mmu_pd *pd, unsigned long address,
uint32_t num_pages,
uint32_t desired_tile_stride,
uint32_t hw_tile_stride);
* psb_sgx.c
extern int psb_blit_sequence(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
uint32_t sequence);
extern void psb_init_2d(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern int psb_idle_2d(struct drm_device *dev);
extern int psb_idle_3d(struct drm_device *dev);
extern int psb_emit_2d_copy_blit(struct drm_device *dev,
uint32_t src_offset,
uint32_t dst_offset, uint32_t pages,
int direction);
extern int psb_cmdbuf_ioctl(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
struct drm_file *file_priv);
extern int psb_reg_submit(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv, uint32_t * regs,
unsigned int cmds);
extern int psb_submit_copy_cmdbuf(struct drm_device *dev,
struct drm_buffer_object *cmd_buffer,
unsigned long cmd_offset,
unsigned long cmd_size, int engine,
uint32_t * copy_buffer);
extern void psb_fence_or_sync(struct drm_file *priv,
int engine,
struct drm_psb_cmdbuf_arg *arg,
struct drm_fence_arg *fence_arg,
struct drm_fence_object **fence_p);
extern void psb_init_disallowed(void);
* psb_irq.c
extern irqreturn_t psb_irq_handler(DRM_IRQ_ARGS);
extern void psb_irq_preinstall(struct drm_device *dev);
extern void psb_irq_postinstall(struct drm_device *dev);
extern void psb_irq_uninstall(struct drm_device *dev);
extern int psb_vblank_wait2(struct drm_device *dev, unsigned int *sequence);
extern int psb_vblank_wait(struct drm_device *dev, unsigned int *sequence);
* psb_fence.c
extern void psb_fence_handler(struct drm_device *dev, uint32_t class);
extern void psb_2D_irq_off(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_2D_irq_on(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern uint32_t psb_fence_advance_sequence(struct drm_device *dev,
uint32_t class);
extern int psb_fence_emit_sequence(struct drm_device *dev, uint32_t fence_class,
uint32_t flags, uint32_t * sequence,
uint32_t * native_type);
extern void psb_fence_error(struct drm_device *dev,
uint32_t class,
uint32_t sequence, uint32_t type, int error);
/*MSVDX stuff*/
extern void psb_msvdx_irq_off(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_msvdx_irq_on(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern int psb_hw_info_ioctl(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
struct drm_file *file_priv);
* psb_buffer.c
extern struct drm_ttm_backend *drm_psb_tbe_init(struct drm_device *dev);
extern int psb_fence_types(struct drm_buffer_object *bo, uint32_t * class,
uint32_t * type);
extern uint32_t psb_evict_mask(struct drm_buffer_object *bo);
extern int psb_invalidate_caches(struct drm_device *dev, uint64_t flags);
extern int psb_init_mem_type(struct drm_device *dev, uint32_t type,
struct drm_mem_type_manager *man);
extern int psb_move(struct drm_buffer_object *bo,
int evict, int no_wait, struct drm_bo_mem_reg *new_mem);
extern int psb_tbe_size(struct drm_device *dev, unsigned long num_pages);
* psb_gtt.c
extern int psb_gtt_init(struct psb_gtt *pg, int resume);
extern int psb_gtt_insert_pages(struct psb_gtt *pg, struct page **pages,
unsigned offset_pages, unsigned num_pages,
unsigned desired_tile_stride,
unsigned hw_tile_stride, int type);
extern int psb_gtt_remove_pages(struct psb_gtt *pg, unsigned offset_pages,
unsigned num_pages,
unsigned desired_tile_stride,
unsigned hw_tile_stride);
extern struct psb_gtt *psb_gtt_alloc(struct drm_device *dev);
extern void psb_gtt_takedown(struct psb_gtt *pg, int free);
* psb_fb.c
extern int psbfb_probe(struct drm_device *dev, struct drm_crtc *crtc);
extern int psbfb_remove(struct drm_device *dev, struct drm_crtc *crtc);
extern int psbfb_kms_off_ioctl(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
struct drm_file *file_priv);
extern int psbfb_kms_on_ioctl(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
struct drm_file *file_priv);
extern void psbfb_suspend(struct drm_device *dev);
extern void psbfb_resume(struct drm_device *dev);
* psb_reset.c
extern void psb_reset(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv, int reset_2d);
extern void psb_schedule_watchdog(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_watchdog_init(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_watchdog_takedown(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_print_pagefault(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
* psb_regman.c
extern void psb_takedown_use_base(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern int psb_grab_use_base(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
unsigned long dev_virtual,
unsigned long size,
unsigned int data_master,
uint32_t fence_class,
uint32_t fence_type,
int no_wait,
int ignore_signals,
int *r_reg, uint32_t * r_offset);
extern int psb_init_use_base(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
unsigned int reg_start, unsigned int reg_num);
* psb_xhw.c
extern int psb_xhw_ioctl(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
struct drm_file *file_priv);
extern int psb_xhw_init_ioctl(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
struct drm_file *file_priv);
extern int psb_xhw_init(struct drm_device *dev);
extern void psb_xhw_takedown(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_xhw_init_takedown(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct drm_file *file_priv, int closing);
extern int psb_xhw_scene_bind_fire(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf,
uint32_t fire_flags,
uint32_t hw_context,
uint32_t * cookie,
uint32_t * oom_cmds,
uint32_t num_oom_cmds,
uint32_t offset,
uint32_t engine, uint32_t flags);
extern int psb_xhw_fire_raster(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf, uint32_t fire_flags);
extern int psb_xhw_scene_info(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf,
uint32_t w,
uint32_t h,
uint32_t * hw_cookie,
uint32_t * bo_size,
uint32_t * clear_p_start,
uint32_t * clear_num_pages);
extern int psb_xhw_reset_dpm(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf);
extern int psb_xhw_check_lockup(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf, uint32_t * value);
extern int psb_xhw_ta_mem_info(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf,
uint32_t pages,
uint32_t * hw_cookie, uint32_t * size);
extern int psb_xhw_ta_oom(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf, uint32_t * cookie);
extern void psb_xhw_ta_oom_reply(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf,
uint32_t * cookie,
uint32_t * bca,
uint32_t * rca, uint32_t * flags);
extern int psb_xhw_vistest(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf);
extern int psb_xhw_handler(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern int psb_xhw_resume(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf);
extern void psb_xhw_fire_reply(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf, uint32_t * cookie);
extern int psb_xhw_ta_mem_load(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf,
uint32_t flags,
uint32_t param_offset,
uint32_t pt_offset, uint32_t * hw_cookie);
extern void psb_xhw_clean_buf(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv,
struct psb_xhw_buf *buf);
extern int psb_xhw_hotplug(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv, struct psb_xhw_buf *buf);
* psb_schedule.c: HW bug fixing.
#ifdef FIX_TG_16
extern void psb_2d_unlock(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_2d_lock(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
extern void psb_resume_ta_2d_idle(struct drm_psb_private *dev_priv);
#define psb_2d_lock(_dev_priv) mutex_lock(&(_dev_priv)->mutex_2d)
#define psb_2d_unlock(_dev_priv) mutex_unlock(&(_dev_priv)->mutex_2d)
* Utilities
#define PSB_ALIGN_TO(_val, _align) \
(((_val) + ((_align) - 1)) & ~((_align) - 1))
#define PSB_WVDC32(_val, _offs) \
iowrite32(_val, dev_priv->vdc_reg + (_offs))
#define PSB_RVDC32(_offs) \
ioread32(dev_priv->vdc_reg + (_offs))
#define PSB_WSGX32(_val, _offs) \
iowrite32(_val, dev_priv->sgx_reg + (_offs))
#define PSB_RSGX32(_offs) \
ioread32(dev_priv->sgx_reg + (_offs))
#define PSB_WMSVDX32(_val, _offs) \
iowrite32(_val, dev_priv->msvdx_reg + (_offs))
#define PSB_RMSVDX32(_offs) \
ioread32(dev_priv->msvdx_reg + (_offs))
#define PSB_ALPL(_val, _base) \
(((_val) >> (_base ## _ALIGNSHIFT)) << (_base ## _SHIFT))
#define PSB_ALPLM(_val, _base) \
((((_val) >> (_base ## _ALIGNSHIFT)) << (_base ## _SHIFT)) & (_base ## _MASK))
#define PSB_D_RENDER (1 << 16)
#define PSB_D_GENERAL (1 << 0)
#define PSB_D_INIT (1 << 1)
#define PSB_D_IRQ (1 << 2)
#define PSB_D_FW (1 << 3)
#define PSB_D_PERF (1 << 4)
#define PSB_D_TMP (1 << 5)
#define PSB_D_RELOC (1 << 6)
extern int drm_psb_debug;
extern int drm_psb_no_fb;
extern int drm_psb_disable_vsync;
extern int drm_psb_detear;
#define PSB_DEBUG_FW(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_FW, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG_GENERAL(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_GENERAL, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG_INIT(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_INIT, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG_IRQ(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_IRQ, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG_RENDER(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_RENDER, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG_PERF(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_PERF, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG_TMP(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_TMP, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG_RELOC(_fmt, _arg...) \
PSB_DEBUG(PSB_D_RELOC, _fmt, ##_arg)
#define PSB_DEBUG(_flag, _fmt, _arg...) \
do { \
if (unlikely((_flag) & drm_psb_debug)) \
printk(KERN_DEBUG \
"[psb:0x%02x:%s] " _fmt , _flag, \
__FUNCTION__ , ##_arg); \
} while (0)
#define PSB_DEBUG(_fmt, _arg...) do { } while (0)
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