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smugbatch 007
buffer overflow fixes from Andreas Jaeger, fixing a crash
memory leak fix from Jonathan Neuschäfer
smugbatch 006
1.2.2 api updates, thanks to Andreas Jaeger
minor bugfixes on error paths thanks to Jonathan Neuschäfer
smugbatch 005
Ability to create the album to upload to if it is not already present
- many thanks to troy for this feature
smugbatch 004
lots of minor fixes, most thanks to Andreas
transmission units is now sane, no one cares about bytes.
smugbatch 003
added ability to have a config file for password and user id
- Many thanks to Andreas for that
added smugdown, seems to work for public albums, not for private yet
--quiet option to all apps.
smugls actually works properly now.
rpm spec file thanks to Andreas
smugbatch 002
smugls now lists files in an album
smugup works sets the filename properly on uploaded files
Fixes from Andreas to get uploading working for him.
smugbatch 001
smugup initial version