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gregkh committed May 15, 2008
1 parent 95e017f commit 60002b0e138b92425a106c1738a8055d1f66f94a
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+Summary of changes from v002 to v003
+Andreas Jaeger (7):
+ zalloc can be a macro
+ Add a spec file
+ Allow CFLAGS as argument to make
+ Handle fgets return value
+ Add config parsing
+ Prepare Spec file for version 3
+ Fix curl warning
+Greg Kroah-Hartman (21):
+ added zalloc for zeroed out malloc to make things easier
+ save off the original url of an image so we can download it if needed
+ smugup: add --quiet option
+ s/which/Which/ when asking for an album name
+ add a header to the list of files and handle filenames with no name set
+ add file list to album and document struct album
+ put files that are in an album in the album instead of the session wide list
+ add smugdown.c (for downloading files)
+ add smugdown to .gitignore
+ smugdown: look at the proper list of files in the album
+ Add -O2 to CFLAGS
+ free the password and email if we have read it from the config file for smugup and smugdown
+ smug_core: fix bug with trailing ;
+ smug_core: coding style cleanups to make checkpatch happy
+ delete old smugbatch.c file
+ smugdown: fix coding style issues found by checkpatch
+ smugls: fix coding style issues found by checkpatch
+ smugup: fix coding style issues found by checkpatch
+ make the buffer really start at 0
+ smugdown: start to work on dowloading, don't have the correct url just yet...
+ fix up some compiler warnings in smug_core
Summary of changes from v001 to v002
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+smugbatch 003
+added ability to have a config file for password and user id
+ - Many thanks to Andreas for that
+added smugdown, seems to work for public albums, not for private yet
+--quiet option to all apps.
+smugls actually works properly now.
+rpm spec file thanks to Andreas
smugbatch 002
smugls now lists files in an album

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