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gregkh committed Apr 21, 2008
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+Summary of changes from v000 to v001
+Greg KH (2):
+ make download show numbers in int not double and use only basename
+ remove some of the libraies we need
+Greg Kroah-Hartman (45):
+ added api key
+ added as the framework to work off of
+ .gitignore added
+ can read the session id properly
+ added simplessl.c example curl code
+ clean up code a bit, add other needed urls
+ add license and option parsing
+ Makefile rewrite.
+ fix compiler warning, hiding the fact that we were not reporting the error properly..
+ properly read the buffer sent to us by curl
+ now we can log out
+ set the proper useragent for the curl session
+ don't null out the session_id when reading the logout data
+ send the request for the list of albums
+ start of filename parsing...
+ add smugbatch_version.h to .gitignore
+ automatically generate smugbatch_version.h
+ switch to the 1.2.0 version of the smugmug api
+ we can now read albums
+ added --debug
+ added md5.c and md5.h from coreutils 6.9 release.
+ add md5 to build
+ get generation of md5 working properly
+ added *.swp to .gitignore
+ upload works!
+ remove simplessl as it's not needed
+ added test image to play with
+ add progress function
+ properly handle the basename of the uploaded file
+ add *.jpg to .gitignore
+ make debug global in smugbatch.c
+ add smug.h and smug_core.c
+ add smug_login and smug_logout
+ add album function
+ add session_alloc() and session_free()
+ added smugup.c
+ fix memory problem in smug_core.c
+ smugup: make the check for login properly...
+ Makefile: switch to smugup instead of smugdump
+ add smugup to .gitignore
+ add help to smugup
+ add ability to choose album to upload to
+ add version to help
+ add release target to Makefile

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