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USB utilities for Linux, including lsusb
C Python Shell
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Merge pull request #33 from tklauser/master

lsusb: Store link state descriptions without preceding space
latest commit 115695e97a
@gregkh authored
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usbhid-dump @ d17b36c Update usbhid-dump to v1.4
.gitignore .gitignore: add compile to the list of things we need to ignore
.gitmodules Update usbhid-dump repo URL
AUTHORS add myself and Aurelian
ChangeLog Note in the ChangeLog to look at the git changelog instead.
INSTALL Initial revision Makefile: install pkgconfig file to arch-dependent location
NEWS usbutils 008 release
README --tree, --help, and better build documentation add usbhid-dump to the script usbutils 008 release
do_release do_release notes
list.h coding style cleanups for .h files.
lsusb-t.c lsusb-t: handle problem if there is no usb bus list lsusb(8): make version variable and update date of last modification
lsusb.c lsusb: Store link state descriptions without preceding space
lsusb.h add lsusb.h to fix some complier warnings. Update in usbutils
names.c drop dependency on usb.ids
names.h drop dependency on usb.ids substitute location in man page and update script
usb-devices usb-devices: hexadecimal bInterfaceNumber handling usb-devices(1): fix a typo
usb-spec.h drop dependency on usb.ids
usbmisc.c Ignore invalid string descriptors
usbmisc.h lsusb: Support non-ASCII string descriptors. add usbutils.pc file to point to database file


first get usbhid-dump:
	git submodule init
	git submodule update
initialize autobuild with:
	autoreconf --install --symlink
configure with:
build with:
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