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2009 Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
* switched over to git, look at the changelog there
instead of here.
2007-12-03 David Brownell <>
* configure, autoreconf
* usb.ids: update to current version
* lsusb.c: fix minor layout glitch
2007-11-14 Joe Peterson <>
*, lsusb.c: use AC_C_BIGENDIAN
2007-11-05 David Brownell <>
* configure, autoreconf
* usb.ids: update to current version
2007-11-05 Joe Peterson <>
*, lsusb.c: use autotools instead of hard-coded
check for __FreeBSD__.
2007-10-31 Joe Peterson <>
* lsusb.c: compile on FreeBSD
2007-10-29 Robin H. Johnson <>
* add "-q" (quiet) option for cron jobs;
skip filesystems that are readonly
2007-10-23 David Brownell <>
* usb.ids: update to current version (with new maintainer)
* lsusb.c: Stop hiding unrecognized/misplaced class specific
descriptors. Don't require compressed format for usb.ids
files; when an uncompressed one is there (probably installed
by hand), prefer it.
* remove broken uninstall code, 2.4-only usbmodules
*, lsusb.8: version 0.73; syntax fix for disble-zlib
*, configure: autoreconf
2007-08-28 Brandon Philips <>
* lsusb.c: Fix the offsets for the video class descriptors.
2007-07-17 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: use correct endpoint maxpacket mask
2006-12-10 Aurelien Jarno <>
* lsusb.c, names.c,, gzipped usb.ids
* configure, other autoconf stuff: regenerate
2006-12-10 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: bugfix GUID printing; byteorder matches rfc 4122
* usb.ids: update to current version
2006-05-03 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: handle another cdc descriptor type; endianness fix
for config descriptor length and endpoint maxpacket
* usb.ids: update to current version
2006-02-28 David Brownell <>
*, lsusb.8: version 0.72
* configure, other autoconf stuff: regenerate
2006-02-18 David Brownell <>
* usbutils.spec: minor corrections; we still don't use this though.
* usbmodules.c, usbmodules.8: obsolete, don't build or distribute
it any more. Any 2.4 based systems should use old usbutils.
2006-02-13 Bjorn Augustsson <>
* lsusb.c: (HID) prettyprinting of Unit and Unit Exponent Global items
2006-02-13 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: whitespace fixes
2006-02-06 Laurent Pinchart <>
* lsusb.c: update video support, show camera info
2006-02-06 Vojtech Pavlik <>
* usb.ids: updated
2006-02-01 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: allow longer variable length bitfields in hub descriptors;
ignore all clearly-broken hub descriptors
2006-01-17 NIIBE Yutaka <>
* lsusb.c (dump_hub): Format string fix.
(do_hub): Allocate enough space for the hub descriptor.
Check return value in different way.
2005-11-03 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: better diagnostics: for invalid CDC descriptors of a
type we know, show that type with the message.
2005-10-21 Laurent Pinchart <>
* lsusb.c: add Video Class support, standard GUID printing
* names.c: support video terminal tags
* usb.ids: updated with video terminal tags
2005-10-08 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: dump interface associations
2005-09-26 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: dump device status; start dumping wireless info. don't
yet dump security, BOS, "endpoint companion", or other new
descriptors. (Security can work without wireles support...)
* usb.ids: update to current version
2005-06-19 Aurelien Jarno <>
* lsusb.c: correct dump of CCID supported voltages
2005-05-14 David Brownell <>
Label as version 0.71
* usb.ids: update to current version
2005-05-13 Toby Ernst <>
* lsusb.c: /proc/bus/usb/BBB/DDD numbers are decimal not octal
* lsusb.8: ditto
2005-04-29 Olaf Hering <>
* lsusb.c: fix some compiler warnings
2005-04-14 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: add some more CDC WHCM dumping, matching a Sony 3G phone
2005-03-28 Aurelien Jarno <>
* lsusb.c: disallow decimal product and vendor codes (hex only)
2005-03-05 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: add basic CDC MDLM dumping, to cope with new CDC
conformance lies from a Zaurus C-860
2005-02-11 Thierry Vignaud <>
* usbmodules.8: fix --device /proc/usb/usb/BBB/DDD typo
2005-02-02 David Brownell <>
* fix typo, recommend libusb 0.1.8 not 1.8
2005-01-30 David Brownell <>
Fix some more warnings reported by Aurelian, and configure
gcc for "-W -Wunused" to discourage more from appearing.
2005-01-27 Aurelien Jarno <>
Fix "configure --enable-usbmodules" glitch, and remove
some warnings reported by GCC 4.0 (and "gcc -Wall -W").
2005-01-22 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: for hubs, dump port status.
* AUTHORS, NEWS, README, lsusb.8: update/correct
*, bumped version, use more current
autotools, disable usbmodules by default.
2005-01-05 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: handle more descriptors; misplaced comm descriptors
get interpreted; some minor fixes.
* usb.ids: update to current version
2004-12-11 David Brownell <>
* add, based on
2004-10-20 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: minor formatting updates; add a warning when those HID
descriptors aren't available.
2004-10-20 Aurelien Jarno <>
* lsusb.c: bugfixes for reading HID descriptors
2004-10-15 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: USB 2.0 updates for dual-speed and OTG devices, hubs.
Display all descriptors in the right sequence, and dump ones
we don't (yet) recognize. Minor cleanups.
* usb.ids: update to current version
2004-02-20 Thomas Sailer <>
Move to CVS at
Label as version 0.12.
2003-12-06 Aurelien Jarno <>
Update Debian with libusb based version.
2003-08-31 David Brownell <>
* lsusb.c: (against 0.11) recognize CDC descriptors, USB 2.0 updates,
string handling updates,
2003-??-?? Aurelien Jarno <>
Convert to latest libusb, supporting BSD and Darwin.
2002-08-02 Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas <>
* lsusb.c: (against 0.10) recognize USB MIDI class specific descriptors.
2000-11-06 Thomas Sailer <>
* names.c, lsusb.c: Fixup of Gunther Mayer's patch; do not export
internal storage arch out of names.h; formatting beautification;
fixed several memory leaks and scribbles
2000-11-05 Gunther Mayer <>
* lsusb.c: Hub Descriptor decode
* usb.std: New
* lsusb.c: HID Report Descriptor decode
* lsusb.c: String Descriptors w/ LANGID, assume Unicode-ASCII for the moment
2000-11-03 Adam J. Richter <>
* lsusb.c: Retry usb_control.
1999-12-03 Thomas Sailer <>
* lsusb.c: bogus error checks for open calls, reported by Matthew Darm
1999-09-17 Thomas Sailer <>
* bumped version number.
* usbutils.spec: likewise.
* names.c: added parsing routines for terminal types to be listed in usb.ids
* names.h: likewise.
* lsusb.c (dump_audiocontrol_interface): likewise.
1999-09-16 Thomas Sailer <>
* lsusb.c (dump_audiocontrol_interface): fixed a couple of forgotten printf arguments
1999-09-13 Thomas Sailer <>
* Created package
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