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version 0.8.0
- Added ability to select where the devices file is located at.
This allows you to view a usbdevfs devices file that comes
from another user, for instance. It also accomidates those who
do not mount usbdevfs at /proc/bus/usb.
- Fixed bug with devices that have a lot of interfaces.
- Changed the tree widget to a different style.
- Restructured the internal code a bit nicer (a lot of work to
go with this...)
- Added a TODO file to the archive listing some potential changes
that could be done.
version 0.7.0
- the logic for determining the name of the device changed to
properly display the name of a keyboard or mouse when the
HID driver is used. This is needed for kernel versions 2.3.36
and up.
version 0.6.0
- now can handle multiple root hubs.
- added display of bus bandwidth information for root hubs.
- added support for device strings to describe the device.
- made logic for device name to be smarter due to the availability
of the string descriptors.
version 0.5.0
- updated the parser to handle the fact that the interface now
dictates what driver is loaded.
- Tested on kernel version 2.3.29
version 0.4.0
- redid the user interface slightly, making the tree always expanded,
showing the top of the text field, and better balancing the splitter
version 0.3.0
- changed the parsing to make it easier to handle any future changes
in the way the format of /proc/bus/usb/devices
version 0.2.0:
- Configuration, interface, and endpoint data is now displayed
for each device.
- Fixed problem with processing the last line in the /proc/... file
Initial version 0.1.0:
- devices are read from /proc/bus/usb/devices and put into a tree view
- very basic information is displayed about each device when it is
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