JavaScript Unique Monotonic ID Class
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JavaScript Unique Monotonic ID Class

A unique monotonic ID class that is based on UUID version 1.

The UUID sequence is stripped of the - separator and is organized such that IDs are far more likely to be sequential.

The resulting ID can be indexed as a binary value providing a reliable format for large databases with negligible performance loss and smaller footprint than auto incremented IDs (MySQL/MariaDB binary(16) vs bigint).

For more information see the following Percona UUID Blog Post which was referenced to create this package.


  • NodeJS v5.0.x or higher
  • NPM

See ./package.json


Source available on GitHub or install module via NPM:

$ npm install monotonic-id


Create instances of the monotonic-id require class.

// get MID class
var MID = require('monotonic-id')

// create MID class instance
var mid = new MID()

// cast mid instance in various formats
var midID = mid.toID()
var midUUID = mid.toUUID()
var midHex = mid.toString('hex')
var midBuffer = mid.toBuffer()

// additional functionality

// test for valid ID
MID.isID(midID) // returns true
MID.isID(midHex) // returns false

// create MID class instance from ID
var midFromID = new MID(null, midID)

// create MID class instance from buffer
var midFromBuffer = new MID(null, midBuffer)

// create MID class with uuid.v1 options
var mid = new MID({
    node: [0x01, 0x23, 0x45, 0x67, 0x89, 0xab],
    clockseq: 0x1234,
    msecs: new Date('2011-11-01').getTime(),
    nsecs: 5678

The above first creates a instance of the monotonic-id class then casts the instance to an id string and hex string.

After there are some examples of additional monotonic-id functionality.

That's it!


The following are the supported options for creating a new monotonic-id instance.

  • options - - (Object | null) Optional uuid state to apply (ignored if mid arg supplied). Properties may include:
    • node - (Array) Node id as Array of 6 bytes (per 4.1.6). Default: Randomly generated ID.
    • clockseq - (Number between 0 - 0x3fff) RFC clock sequence. Default: An internally maintained clockseq is used.
    • msecs - (Number | Date) Time in milliseconds since unix Epoch. Default: The current time is used.
    • nsecs - (Number between 0-9999) additional time, in 100-nanosecond units. Ignored if msecs is unspecified. Default: internal uuid counter is used, as per
  • mid - (String | Buffer) string id or buffer to cast as a monotonic-id.

For more information on options checkout the uuid v1 docs.