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sharpies and post-its
sharpies and post-its


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Jess Frazelle jessfraz
A superhero with supervillain tendencies.


Mikeal Rogers mikeal
Creator of NodeConf and request.

Protocol Labs San Francisco

Evan You yyx990803

vuejs New Jersey ⇄ China

Solomon Hykes shykes

San Francisco, CA

Yann LeCun ylecun

New York University New York, NY, USA

Eran Hammer hueniverse

Sideway Inc. Los Gatos, CA

Linus Torvalds torvalds

Linux Foundation Portland, OR

isaacs isaacs
Principal Engineer at GitHub npm inventor, founder npm, Inc. Former Node BDFL. All opinions are my own. Literally all of them. I own them all. He/him

GitHub Oakland CA

TJ Holowaychuk tj
Founder of Apex Software

Apex London, UK

Yegor Bugayenko yegor256
Lab director at @Huawei; Author of "Elegant Objects" book series (buy them on Amazon); Founder of @zerocracy; creator of @zold-io

@huawei @zerocracy Moscow, Russia

Gregg Kellogg gkellogg
Mostly retired, but you wouldn't know form my commit history. A lot of Ruby and RDF work as well as specification editing and corresponding tool creation.

Self San Rafael, CA

Casey Flynn cflynn07
American software engineer living in Taipei, Taiwan. 只是一個住在台北的工程師. Mostly speaks English and 中文. 11100100 10111101 10100000 11100101 10100101 10111101

Taipei, Taiwan

Joel Oliveira jayroh
@ezcater by day. Shipping @shuboxio (Image Uploads-aaS) by night. @thredded (rails forum engine) alumnus.

jayroh LLC Boston, MA

Paul rpupkin77

Beta Meta Newburyport, MA

Taylor Kearns taylorkearns
Full stack web.

@TheGnarCo Boston, MA

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