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Hi there

Who am I?

My name is Greg, a front-end web developer who loves GatsbyJS. Before we met, I had been living in the land of Wordpress, Drupal, SASS, and jQuery. GatsbyJS introduced me to a complete new world of ReactJS, ES6+, CSS in JS, Babel, and Webpack; and I like it.

What is it about?

This blog is an educational project.

I already have created a few GatsbyJS starters and websites. Every time I create a new one I learn many new things. They say that the best way to solidify newly acquired knowledge is to teach it to somebody, that is what I am willing to do.

I will share with you what I have learned. I expect it will strengthen my understanding of subjects thatI write about. I also hope that you find it helpful.

So once again, this is an eductional project, education for me, benefits for all.

The English language

One more thing, I'm not a native English speaker so you may find some mistakes in my writings. Source code of this website is hosted on Github, if you want to correct something you can make a pull request. Thank you.