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(ns cljstyle.format.core
[cljstyle.config :as config]
[cljstyle.format.fn :as fn]
[cljstyle.format.indent :as indent]
[cljstyle.format.ns :as ns]
[cljstyle.format.zloc :as zl]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as str]
[ :as zip]
[rewrite-clj.node :as n]
[rewrite-clj.parser :as p]
[ :as z
:refer [append-space edn skip]]))
(def default-indents
"Default indentation rules included with the library."
(read-string (slurp (io/resource "cljstyle/indents.clj"))))
;; ## Editing Functions
(defn- ignored-meta?
"True if the node at this location represents metadata tagging a form to be
ignored by cljstyle."
(and (= :meta (z/tag zloc))
(when-let [m (z/sexpr (z/next zloc))]
(or (= :cljstyle/ignore m)
(:cljstyle/ignore m)))))
(defn- comment-form?
"True if the node at this location is a comment form - that is, a list
beginning with the `comment` symbol, as opposed to a literal text comment."
(and (= :list (z/tag zloc))
(= 'comment (zl/form-symbol (z/down zloc)))))
(defn- discard-macro?
"True if the node at this location is a discard reader macro."
(= :uneval (z/tag zloc)))
(defn- ignored?
"True if the node at this location is inside an ignored form."
(some? (z/find zloc z/up (some-fn ignored-meta?
(defn- edit-all
"Edit all nodes in `zloc` matching the predicate by applying `f` to them.
Returns the final zipper location."
[zloc p? f]
(let [p? (fn [zl] (and (p? zl) (not (ignored? zl))))]
(loop [zloc (if (p? zloc) (f zloc) zloc)]
(if-let [zloc (z/find-next zloc zip/next p?)]
(recur (f zloc))
(defn- transform
"Transform this form by parsing it as an EDN syntax tree and applying `zf` to
[form zf & args]
(z/root (apply zf (edn form) args)))
(defn- whitespace
"Build a new whitespace node with `width` spaces."
(n/whitespace-node (apply str (repeat width " "))))
;; ## Rule: Function Line Breaks
(defn- eat-whitespace
"Eat whitespace characters, leaving the zipper located at the next
non-whitespace node."
(loop [zloc zloc]
(if (zl/zwhitespace? zloc)
(recur (zip/next (zip/remove zloc)))
(defn- break-whitespace
"Edit the form to replace the whitespace to ensure it has a line-break if
`break?` returns true on the location or a single space character if false."
[form p? break?]
form edit-all
(fn match?
(and (p? zloc) (not (zl/syntax-quoted? zloc))))
(fn change
(if (break? zloc)
;; break space
(if (zl/zlinebreak? zloc)
(z/right zloc)
(-> zloc
(zip/replace (n/newlines 1))
;; inline space
(-> zloc
(zip/replace (whitespace 1))
(defn line-break-functions
"Transform this form by applying line-breaks to function definition forms."
(-> form
(constantly false))
(constantly true))
;; ## Rule: Consecutive Blank Lines
(defn- count-newlines
"Count the number of consecutive blank lines at this location."
(loop [zloc zloc, newlines 0]
(if (zl/zlinebreak? zloc)
(recur (-> zloc zip/right zl/skip-whitespace)
(-> zloc z/string count (+ newlines)))
(defn- consecutive-blank-line?
"True if more than one blank line follows this location."
[zloc max-consecutive]
(< (inc max-consecutive) (count-newlines zloc)))
(defn- remove-whitespace-and-newlines
"Edit the node at this location to remove any following whitespace."
(if (zl/zwhitespace? zloc)
(recur (zip/remove zloc))
(defn- replace-consecutive-blank-lines
"Replace the node at this location with `n` blank lines and remove any
following whitespace and linebreaks."
[zloc n]
(-> zloc
(zip/replace (n/newlines (inc n)))
(defn remove-consecutive-blank-lines
"Edit the form to replace consecutive blank lines with a single line."
[form max-consecutive]
(transform form edit-all
#(consecutive-blank-line? % max-consecutive)
#(replace-consecutive-blank-lines % max-consecutive)))
;; ## Rule: Padding Lines
(defn- padding-line-break?
"True if the node at this location is whitespace between two top-level
forms, at least one of which is multi-line."
(and (zl/zwhitespace? zloc)
(zl/root? (z/up zloc))
(let [prev-zloc (skip zip/left zl/zwhitespace? zloc)
next-zloc (skip zip/right zl/zwhitespace? zloc)]
(and prev-zloc
(not (zl/comment? prev-zloc))
(not (zl/comment? next-zloc))
(or (zl/multiline? prev-zloc)
(zl/multiline? next-zloc))))))
(defn insert-padding-lines
"Edit the form to replace consecutive blank lines with a single line."
[form padding-lines]
(transform form edit-all
#(replace-consecutive-blank-lines % padding-lines)))
;; ## Rule: Surrounding Whitespace
(defn- surrounding?
"True if the predicate applies to `zloc` and it is either the left-most node
or all nodes to the right also match the predicate."
[zloc p?]
(and (p? zloc) (or (nil? (zip/left zloc))
(nil? (skip zip/right p? zloc)))))
(defn- surrounding-whitespace?
"True if the node at this location is part of whitespace surrounding a
top-level form."
(letfn [(blank?
(and (zl/zwhitespace? zloc)
(not= :comma (n/tag (z/node zloc)))))]
(and (zl/top? (z/up zloc))
(surrounding? zloc blank?))))
(defn remove-surrounding-whitespace
"Transform this form by removing any surrounding whitespace nodes."
(transform form edit-all surrounding-whitespace? zip/remove))
;; ## Rule: Missing Whitespace
(defn- missing-whitespace?
"True if the node at this location is an element and the immediately
following location is a different element."
(and (zl/element? zloc)
(not (zl/reader-macro? (zip/up zloc)))
(zl/element? (zip/right zloc))
;; allow abutting namespaced maps
(not= :namespaced-map
(-> zloc zip/up z/node n/tag))))
(defn insert-missing-whitespace
"Insert a space between abutting elements in the form."
(transform form edit-all missing-whitespace? append-space))
;; ## Rule: Indentation
(defn- unindent
"Remove indentation whitespace from the form in preparation for reformatting."
(transform form edit-all indent/should-unindent? zip/remove))
(defn- indent-line
"Apply indentation to the line beginning at this location."
[zloc list-indent-size indents]
(let [width (indent/indent-amount zloc list-indent-size indents)]
(if (pos? width)
(zip/insert-right zloc (whitespace width))
(defn indent
"Transform this form by indenting all lines their proper amounts."
[form list-indent-size indents]
(transform form edit-all indent/should-indent? #(indent-line % list-indent-size indents)))
(defn reindent
"Transform this form by rewriting all line indentation."
[form list-indent-size indents]
(indent (unindent form) list-indent-size indents))
;; ## Rule: Trailing Whitespace
(defn- final?
"True if this location is the last top-level node."
(and (nil? (zip/right zloc)) (zl/root? (zip/up zloc))))
(defn- trailing-whitespace?
"True if the node at this location represents whitespace trailing a form on a
line or the final top-level node."
(and (zl/whitespace? zloc)
(or (zl/zlinebreak? (zip/right zloc)) (final? zloc))))
(defn remove-trailing-whitespace
"Transform this form by removing all trailing whitespace."
(transform form edit-all trailing-whitespace? zip/remove))
;; ## Rule: Namespace Rewriting
(defn rewrite-namespaces
"Transform this form by rewriting any namespace forms."
[form opts]
(transform form edit-all ns/ns-node? #(ns/rewrite-ns-form % opts)))
;; ## Reformatting Functions
(defn reformat-form
"Transform this form by applying formatting rules to it."
[form config]
(cond-> form
(:remove-surrounding-whitespace? config true)
(:insert-missing-whitespace? config true)
(:line-break-functions? config true)
;; TODO: line-break-types
(:remove-consecutive-blank-lines? config true)
(remove-consecutive-blank-lines (:max-consecutive-blank-lines config 2))
(:insert-padding-lines? config true)
(insert-padding-lines (:padding-lines config 2))
(:indentation? config true)
(reindent (:list-indent-size config 2) (:indents config config/default-indents))
(:rewrite-namespaces? config true)
(rewrite-namespaces config)
(:remove-trailing-whitespace? config true)
(defn reformat-string
"Helper method to transform a string by parsing it, formatting it, then
printing it."
(reformat-string form-string config/default-config))
([form-string config]
(-> (p/parse-string-all form-string)
(reformat-form config)
(defn reformat-file
"Like `reformat-string` but applies to an entire file. Will honor
(reformat-file file-text config/default-config))
([file-text config]
(let [text' (reformat-string file-text config)]
(if (and (:require-eof-newline? config)
(not (str/ends-with? text' "\n")))
(str text' "\n")
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