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v1.6.0 November 4, 2011
* Implemented HTTP access with Patron ( instead of net/http.
* Checked that the library works against HBase 0.90.4.
v1.5.0 January 17, 2010
* Renamed the project from hbase-ruby to hbase-stargate and it can be found at:
v1.1.2 Nov 8, 2009
* A bug with the timestamps in create_row() was fixed. Also updated specs.
v1.1.1 Nov 7, 2009
* Improved the scanner functionality. Decided it was worth a version bump and release.
v1.1.0 Nov 7, 2009
* Bumped to version 1.1.0 to avoid confusion with an existing hbase-ruby on gemcutter that was at version 1.0
* Reimplemented entirely with HBase Stargate (old REST API was obsoleted by this)
* Since Stargate can return JSON, parsing is now done with JSON instead of XML
* API change to open_scanner. Now expects open_scanner(table_name, options) with available options listed under HBase::Model::Scanner.AVAILABLE_OPTS
v0.4 Oct 12, 2008
* support 'scanner'
v0.1 Jul 29, 2008
* initial version