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Several fitness devices can store activity data in .fit format.

This is a command line utility which can search .fit files for device info messages, and extract ANT IDs and other information. Note that it actually finds the serial number, which is often used to form the ANT ID.

Running the command

  • Ensure that the utility is in your path, or that your command prompt is in the directory holding the executable.
  • From your command prompt or terminal window, simply type fitantid <.fit file>

Building from source

This project Makefile requires gcc and has been tested on Windows, OS X and Ubuntu. It should work on any other Unix as well. Mingw or Cygwin is required for the Windows build.

This project requires the FIT SDK, available from Due to license restrictions, you will need to agree to the licence for the FIT SDK, and acquire the source on your own accord.

If you have agreed to download the FIT SDK, copy all files from the c/ subfolder in the SDK into a folder resource/fit in your copy of the fitantid project.

  • Modify the file named fit_config.h so that the line #define FIT_USE_STDINT_H is not commented out.
  • Remove the file fit_product.c
  • run make at the command line


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