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.. versionadded:: 0.9.2
Functions for wrapping strings in ANSI color codes.
Each function within this module returns the input string ``text``, wrapped
with ANSI color codes for the appropriate color.
For example, to print some text as green on supporting terminals::
from fabric.colors import green
print(green("This text is green!"))
Because these functions simply return modified strings, you can nest them::
from fabric.colors import red, green
print(red("This sentence is red, except for " + \
green("these words, which are green") + "."))
If ``bold`` is set to ``True``, the ANSI flag for bolding will be flipped on
for that particular invocation, which usually shows up as a bold or brighter
version of the original color on most terminals.
def _wrap_with(code):
def inner(text, bold=False):
c = code
if bold:
c = "1;%s" % c
return "\033[%sm%s\033[0m" % (c, text)
return inner
red = _wrap_with('31')
green = _wrap_with('32')
yellow = _wrap_with('33')
blue = _wrap_with('34')
magenta = _wrap_with('35')
cyan = _wrap_with('36')
white = _wrap_with('37')
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