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Commits on Oct 8, 2009
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Commits on Oct 5, 2009
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Commits on Oct 1, 2009
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Commits on Sep 28, 2009
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Commits on Sep 27, 2009
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Commits on Sep 25, 2009
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Commits on Sep 23, 2009
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Commits on Sep 22, 2009
  1. Various fixes to make tests pass:

    jschementi committed Sep 22, 2009
    - Refactor Chiron's post-build step fail as gracefully as possible
    - Error formatter wasn't asking the language for it's exception message
    - Repl is now shown on exceptions again
    - Test running improvements
Commits on Sep 20, 2009
Commits on Sep 18, 2009
  1. Cleans up Tutorial by using new script-tag support, and enables desktop

    jschementi committed Sep 18, 2009
    and Silverlight Tutorial tests to run with Tutorial/test.bat.
    Moves all Tutorial files necessary for Silverlight into Tutorial/app and
    produces a XAP file from that; does not XAP the whole directory anymore.
    Also moves entry-point code into sl_tutorial.html.
    Silverlight\Scripts\run_tests.rb is now a general Silverlight
    command-line test runner. It reads a test.config file from it's current
    directory, and launches those html files in both IE and Firefox,
    checking the page for test results. Now uses win32/process to launch
    Chiron for more control over detecting failures in server-starts,
    retrying on different ports, and existing the correct process when the
    tests are finished. Silverlight-integration tests can not be run with
    Silverlight\Tests\run.bat, which launches run_tests.rb.
  2. XAML script tag support and gestalt samples porting

    jschementi committed Sep 17, 2009
    - Adds "DLR.autoAdd" and "DLR.path", adds "xamlid" to settings, and removes "autoAdd" from settings.
    - Add a new Silverlight control for each <script type="application/xml+xaml" defer="false"> tag, setting that Silverlight control's xamlid initParam to the script-tags id, or generating it if the script tag doesn't have an id.
    - If "xamlid" initParam is set, find the script-tag which has the cooresponding id and "application/xml+xaml" mime-type, download the "src" if necessary, and load the XAML into the RootVisual.
    - If "xamlid" initParams exists, only run script tags which contain that value as part of the script-tag's class.
    - Add a Cache type for caching URIs to strings
    - Add LoadRootVisual and LoadComponent overloads that take a bool to indicate whether the string argument is a URI (true) or a XAML string (false).
    - DynamicObject implementations for HtmlDocument, HtmlObject, and ScriptObject
    - Remove error condition when there is no entry-point and no script-tags
    - Fixes a RemoveMargin bug (should not take blank lines into account)
    Ports current-working gestalt samples
    Finish off documentation for Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight
    - fixes a Repl focus bug by swallowing all focus exceptions
    - all ConsoleWriter subclasses have a "write" method
    - adds ConsoleWriter.NewLineChar
  3. Remove margins from script-tags inline source, so white-space-sensitive

    jschementi committed Sep 12, 2009
    languages like Python work correctly
    Only run script-tags which have "application/" or "text/" mime-types
    Allow multiple Repl instances to be created
    Rearrange tests to have language specific lib dirs, and add a
    unittest_runner and bacon_runner for running tests in Python and
    Ruby in SL.
  4. Inline and external script-tags are now enabled for any DLR language.

    jschementi committed Sep 9, 2009
    - defer=true on a inline script will not run it, and defer=false on an external script will force it to run.
    - File-system operations check the XAP first, but if that fails it checks the download-cache of external scripts.
    - test_script-tags.html tests basic usage of DLR script-tags, and is added to tests/run.rb.
    - disables manifest-assemblies tests in package_test.rb; need a better test.
    - Cosmetic formatting changes
  5. Download languages as they are used

    jschementi committed Sep 5, 2009
    Modifies Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight to download languages on-demand, if
    any of the language assemblies are not present in the XAP. The list of language
    assemblies and their single package file (.slvx) are stored in
    languages.config, which must be in the XAP. Only languages which are used are
    downloaded. Microsoft.Scripting.slvx can also be referenced by the
    AppManifest.xaml so all assemblies are downloaded on-demand.
    - Tests can be run from Tests/test_dlrjs.html, as well as run.rb.
    - Adds DLR.createObject
    - Keeps track of # of controls added, and gives them the appropriate id.
    - DynamicAppManifest no longer downloads re-downloads SLVX files; it just
      builds a list of DLR-related DLLs and SLVX files. It only tracks
      Microsoft.Scripting*, not DLR-based languages.
    - Adds runtime checks for System.Windows.ExtensionPart, so it will run on
      Moonlight as well.
    - Moves "data gathering" to DynamicApplication's ctor, which includes used
      assemblies/extensions, languages avaliable, and script-tag code.
    - Adds DynamicLanguageConfig type to track avaliable and used languages, and
      download their slvx files as needed.
    - languages.config is required to be in the XAP file for downloading on-demand,
      even for Ruby and Python apps. Today the assemblies are loaded first, and
      then configuration into extracted from them to build a ScriptRuntimeSetup.
      Since the set of languages is required to be known before the assemblies are
      loaded, this information is stored in the languages.config, including the
      list of assemblies that language makes up, and the package file that can be
      downloaded on-demand.
    - Preparation work to allow multiple REPLs to be on the page.
    - Validates the entryPoint script on Settings.EntryPoint's setter, rather than
      then getter. Also refactors the entryPoint validation.
    - Fix Window bug: tabs can be deselected while the panel still shows
    - Random fixes to the tests to make them all pass. More serious testing will be
      done in a future change.
    - Defaults to generating XAPs without assemblies, and instead depend on
      DLR/languages .slvx files.
    - externalUrlPrefix can be a relative URI now.
    - Chiron's web-server can serves slvx files out of the externalUrlPrefix path.
    - Generates the languages.config always, because
      Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight expects it to be there for on-demand language
    - XapBuilder's language detection only checks file extensions if it's putting
      assemblies in the XAP. Otherwise, just uses all the languages Chiron knows
      about, and defers the language detection to Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight.
    Bug fix: Chiron's path is now relative to Chiron's working directory,
    not the directory where Chiron.exe lives.
  6. Remove localApplicationRoot setting from Chiron, and downloadScripts …

    jschementi committed Aug 31, 2009
    …setting from Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight --- script-tags will be the out-of-xap solution.
    Note: keeps the HttpPAL, but all the synchronous code is intended to be removed.
  7. language.config:

    jschementi committed Aug 31, 2009
    - Chiron always generates the languages.config
    - <Language> nodes contain "names", "assemblies" (plural), and "external" now
    - Fix loading LanguageSetups from languages.config ... was broken before
    - Adds a post-build step to produce .slvx files
    other random fixes:
    - Fix ErrorFormatter to show errors that occure before the ScriptEngine is created
    - tests/run.rb now accepts an argument for which build configuration to test; default is 'debug'. If the build configuration doesn't exist, it tries others and fails if it can't find one.
    - tests/run.rb has the correct exit codes depending on success or failure.
  8. dlr.js - combination of Silverlight.js and support for DLR-specific o…

    jschementi committed Aug 30, 2009
    …ptions and adding a Silverlight control to the page automatically.
    Cleans up the "Tests" directory also: removed eggs and creates bacon-sl.rb, the patch to bacon.rb which lets it work in Silverlight.
    All scripts are under the "Scripts" directory now.
  9. Basic script tag support

    jschementi committed Aug 23, 2009
    - Add DownloadAndCache method to HttpPAL
    - Adds a DownloadScriptTags class which scans the script tags, detects the used languages, and runs the code.
    - The entry-point can be null if there are script tags.
    - Fix a couple exceptions that the error formatter can raise if the entry-point doesn't exist.
    - Run the newer Silverlight tests with with "run.rb"; uses Watir to drive the browser.
    - manual "test_inline" test
    - Some [unfinished] javascript helpers.
  10. Beginnings of "XAP-less" Silverlight application support.

    jschementi committed Jul 18, 2009
    Adds a "downloadScripts" initParam to indicate whether paths to script files and XAML files should be resolved to the web-server (relative to the XAP), if the file is not found in the XAP. Also adds "downloadScriptsFrom" to customize what path they are based off of.
    Files are downloaded synchronously as code runs, by having the PlatformAdaptationLayer use a new BrowserVirtualFilesystem: HttpVirtualFilesystem. So when a language's include mechanism is used (require , load, import, etc), it will download the file by using XmlHttpRequest in synchronous mode. It will also cache each downloaded file's contents, so a file will only be downloaded once, even if it is included multiple times.
    Note: this change decreases the need for Chiron significantly. In this mode, Chiron only creates a XAP file with the necessary assemblies and AppManifest.xaml, if it doesn't exist already. One could imagine providing a XAP file for each language, and then Chiron wouldn't be needed for development. However, for using the latest language assemblies, and auto-detection of languages used, it's still useful. So some changes have been made to Chiron to support this better:
    A "localApplicationRoot" appSetting has been added to Chiron to adjust where it looks for script files (when determining what languages are used). This allows you to make sure Chiron is looking in the same place your application is downloading scripts or xaml from, so it can still generate a correct XAP file for you. "application/ruby" and "application/python" mime-types have been also added to Chrion also to enable downloading of those script files.
    All appSettings are now overridable as command-line switches: /u[rlPrefix], /e[xtUrlPrefix], /l[ocalAppRoot]
    See Merlin/Main/Hosts/SilverLight/Tests/tests/manual/test_foox for an example of how this works.
    Adds a stub for similar support through IsolatedStorage, but that will come later.
    Also tweaks the DynamicEngine.CreateRuntimeSetup method to better support other DLR-hosts in Silverlight.
    Various SL and Tutorial fixes
    - Fix bug where an entryPoint isn't found when specified in initParams and using downloadScripts.
    - Tutorial now runs with downloadScripts, just as a test case.
Commits on Sep 17, 2009
  1. Disable a failing ActiveRecord test

    Shri Borde committed Sep 17, 2009
  2. fixing rake compile

    jredville committed Sep 17, 2009
  3. Syncing to head of TFS

    jredville committed Sep 17, 2009
Commits on Sep 16, 2009
  1. Merge branch 'master' of

    jredville committed Sep 16, 2009
  2. update initializers.generated

    jredville committed Sep 16, 2009
  3. Addressing code review items

    jredville committed Sep 16, 2009
Commits on Sep 14, 2009
  1. Specs for passing in "nil"

    jredville committed Sep 14, 2009