The test suite that tests the tests (...yeah) fails #46

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Matt-Deacalion commented Mar 11, 2013

If I run the _“” (both Python2 and Python3) it fails on 5 tests.

  • test_that_end_report_displays_something
  • test_that_end_report_should_have_something_zenlike_on_it
  • test_that_end_report_shows_student_progress
  • test_that_end_report_shows_the_failure_report
  • test_filter_all_lessons_will_discover_test_classes_if_none_have_been_discovered_yet

gregmalcolm commented Apr 28, 2013

Thanks for the head's up. About to take a look


gregmalcolm commented Apr 28, 2013

Confession time: These tests are abysmal! :)

Aside from being a Python newbie at the time I wrote them, I was also relatively new to TDD. Looking back at them, there was too much reliance on mocks and too much testing of internal details. While I think I'd have a valid case of 86ing the whole lot of them, for now I have just ditched the worse offenders. And oh look- the tests magically pass now!

On another note, these tests were probably broken for ages. Think I might have a go at linking these tests up with Travis-CI to avoid this reoccurring...


Matt-Deacalion commented Apr 29, 2013

Haha, nice and frank reponse! :-)


gregmalcolm commented Apr 29, 2013

... and Travisified

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