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Simple Mura Plugin Designed to allow for content to be imported from old sites like Wordpress, Joomla, Druple, ect.

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Mura Converter

This converter is designed to take data from another CMS and import it into a new Mura site

Wordpress XML


Mar 3/2013
- FIXED: Clean up importing of text -- no longer one big block of text -- wordpress exports using unix control codes that aren't handled in XML/importing the post as nice as they automatically should.  Converter now detects \n and replaces with <br/> to maintain post readbility.
- FEATURE: Implemented initial support to import images from Wordpress to the {siteid}/Assets/Image/ folder.  Captions not supported at this time, you'll have to clean them out by hand for the time being.  Updated admin screen to explain how images are uploaded.

Mar 2/2013
- FIXED: Post status (draft or publish) wasn't being set correctly, it sure is now.

Feb 23/2013

- FEATURE: Added selector to import comments or not
- Merged in devel branch features for importing comments (not tested or made visible yet while testing), this should be enough to merge this out.

Feb 22/2013

- FEATURE: Added support for importing WP pubdate into Mura Content Release Dates
- FEATURE: Added selecting a location in Mura under which to import Wordpress blog posts
- FEATURE: Added migration of Wordpress friendly SEO url to Mura's SEO title
- FEATURE: Added migration of Wordpress Author to Mura Credits field
- FEATURE: Added migration of setting published posts as visible in mura, and leaving drafts as hidden and out of Mura Navigation
- FEATURE: Updated Wordpress screen with detailed instructions for Mura Administrators

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