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  • #85: Better examples in README. Thanks to Dan Hitt for the patch.
  • #86: Less deprecation warnings when using django-autofixture on Python 3.5. Thanks to Nick Timkovich for the patch.
  • #87: Closing files properly, so you should see less ResourceWarnings while using django-autofixture. Thanks to Nick Timkovich for the patch.


  • #81: Add support for UUID fields. Thanks to @jungornti for the patch.
  • #77: Fixing a very rare crash in cases when a generated email in the UserFixture already exists. Thanks to Tien Nguyen for the patch.


  • #75: Support for Django 1.9. Thanks to Adam Dobrawy for the patch.
  • #67: If many to many relations are created in a autofixture, we now make sure that a registered autofixture is used for this if there is any. Thanks to Andrew Lewisohn for the patch.


  • Fixing unique constraint checks for multiple None values. Thanks to Andrew Lewisohn for the patch. See #66.


  • Supporting Django 1.7 style app configs in settings.INSTALLED_APPS when auto-importing autofixture definitions with autofixture.autodiscover.
  • Adding autofixture.generators.PositiveDecimalGenerator.


  • Fixed UserFixture that generated usernames with more than 30 characters.


  • Fixed unique constraint for models that have multiple unique_togethers set.


  • Make ImageGenerator consider the given file storage. Thanks to Andrew Pashkin for the patch.
  • Fixing check for unique constraint during data generation if the field allows to be nullable. Thanks for Andrew Pashkin for the report and fix.


  • Adding support for django's ImageField. Thanks to Visgean Skeloru for the patch.


  • Adding AutoFixture.pre_process_instance method.
  • Allow arbitrary keyword arguments for AutoFixture.create method.
  • Fixing autofixture.unregister function.
  • Fixing UserFixture.post_process_instance.


  • Fixing long stated issue with GenericRelation fields. Thanks to StillNewb for the patch.


  • Supporting Django 1.6.


  • Fixing issue with models that have a selfreferencing ForeignKey field. Thanks to Josh Fyne for the patch.


  • Adding generators.WeightedGenerator for propabilistic selection of values. Thanks to Jonathan Tien for the idea and patch.
  • Supporting model inheritance. Thanks to Josh Fyne for the patch.


  • Adding FirstNameGenerator and LastNameGenerator. Thanks to Jonathan Tien for the initial patch.
  • Registered Autofixtures are used for models that are created for foreignkeys and many to many relations. Thanks to Theo Spears for the report.


  • Python 3 support! Though we had to drop Python 2.5 support. If you cannot upgrade to Python 2.6 by yet, please consider using the 0.3.x versions of django-autofixture. By the way: by Python 3 support, I mean, that the test suite is running without any errors. I have not tested yet the library in production for Python 3. So please test and submit bug reports if you encounter any.


  • DateTimeField receive timezone aware datetime objects now. Thanks to Scott Woodall for the report and patch.
  • Adding static_domain parameter to EmailGenerator to allow the production of emails that will always have the same domain. Thanks to mvdwaeter for the initial patch.


  • field_values were not picked up if there was a default value assigned to the field. Thanks to sirex for the report.


  • Adding better support for subclassing AutoFixture through merging of nested Values classes.
  • Renamed attribute and argument none_chance to better matching name empty_p for generators and none_p for AutoFixture.
  • Fixed some issues with management command options. Thanks Mikko Hellsing for his hard work.
  • Fixed issues in unregister(). Thanks Mikko Hellsing for the report.
  • Adding support for FloatField. Thanks to Jyr Gaxiola for the report.


  • Fixing issue with --generate-fk option in management command. Thanks Mikko Hellsing for the report and fix.


  • Using Autofixture.Values for defining initial values in Autofixture subclasses.
  • Making autodiscover more robust. Don't break if some module can't be imported or throws any other exception.


  • Fixing bug when a CharField with max_length smaller than 15 is used.
  • AutoFixture.field_values accepts callables as values.